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The episode starts with Bulbul thinking that she shouldn’t be late for the puja. Meanwhile, Drishti says to Sulakshana that Bulbul used to sleep a lot. She can’t wake up in early morning. At least, she can attend the puja today. That is why she thought to attend the puja on behalf of her. Drishti says that she knew that she don’t like her. She tries to take her blessings but she steps back. Sulakshana says that she got ready and came here in the morning. She asks her to attend the puja. Drishti thinks that she couldn’t marry him due to her foolishness. She will get back Veer today. She apologized to Bulbul for it. She tried to enter into the house along with Veer. But the heavy breeze stops her. Meanwhile, Veer waits for Bulbul. Her saree stucks in nail. Her saree tears. She reaches there. She thinks that she came there on time. Sulakshana stops her and says that she is two minutes late. She asks her to look at her saree. Bulbul tells her that she was getting ready in a rush. Sulakshana says that she shouldn’t attend the puja. Veer says that she is only two minutes late. Vayu supports her too. Sulakshana says that Veer came from the night duty. He came here at a right time.

Sulakshana says to Vayu that rules is same for everyone. Drishti brings the flowers there. She asks Sulakshana to use it for the puja. Bulbul thinks that she didn’t called her but came to attend the puja. Sulakshana asks the priest to accept the flowers. Drishti lies to Bulbul that she called her but phone is out of network. Bulbul says that Vayu called her. She got his call. She doesn’t know why didn’t she get her call. Drishti says that she didn’t wear the saree well. She says that she is going to attend the puja. Veer stares Bulbul and thinks that she is innocent. Mom will definitely accept her as her daughter-in-law asap. Drishti feels jealous to see him staring her.

Sulakshana taking arathi. She starts coughing there. She refuses to drink the water. Varadha thinks that it’s a bad omen to stop the arathi in a middle. Vayu thinks that she got discharged from the hospital recently. She isn’t well to sing. Drishti thought to play the bajan. Bulbul starts singing surprising everyone there. Veer feels proud of her. Bulbul fears that mom may scold her for it. Sulakshana gives the arathi to everyone. Veer gives it to Bulbul. Sulakshana smiles at him. Bulbul impressed her by giving the arathi to Veer first and take it later. Drishti feels jealous to see it. Drishti asks Sulakshana to give the Prasad to her. She tells her that family is first. She gives it to Bulbul. Drishti feels disappointed. Bulbul takes the prasad and takes her blessing. Bulbul apologized to her. She says that she tried to wake up early but she couldn’t. She asks her to talk with respect.

Drishti tries to take her blessings but Sulakshana ignores her. Vayu appreciates Bulbul for sang well. Varadha appreciates her well. Veer feels proud of her. Bulbul says that she learnt to sing after heard her mom’s song. Bulbul says that she can’t wake up early. Varadha says that he can’t wake to either. Sulakshana asks them to eat the breakfast. She asks Vayu to drop Drishti in her house. Drishti says that she will go by herself. Veer stops her. She thinks that she can spend time with him. Veer asks Bulbul to give the Prasad to her.

Episode end

Bulbul’s mudhikhai function

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