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The episode starts with Veer saying to Bulbul that he is an police officer. He won’t support crime. He won’t even mind if it’s his family members. She smiles at him. She says that no one evil eyes falls on his smile. She asks him to close his eyes and pray. He prayed for Bulbul. She asks him to say it. He says that she is keeping Nick names for him. Bulbul notices Riya and calls her. She ignored her. Veer asks her if she her classmate. She nodded to him. She says that she wanted to say something about her to him. But she is getting late for her exam. He advises her to write her exam well. She shouldn’t get nervous. Later, Riya asks Varmika why didn’t she attend the party? Varmika says that Bulbul was the reason. She couldn’t attend the party and prepare for her exam well because of her. Riya thinks that if she don’t attend the party then he will leak her photo. Abhi comes there and talks with Varmika. He touched her in a wrong intention. Varmika leaves from there. Abhi thinks that Bulbul tore his ears. She didn’t do the right with him. She will face the consequences for it. Meanwhile, Sulakshana and Varadha are checking the jewels. Vani wears the necklace and says that she looks like a bride. She said that she has a wedding. Sulakshana gets emotional hearing it.

Kaveri tries to provoke her against Bulbul. Vaayu takes Vani from there. Kaveri says that Sulakshana can’t handle this works alone. She assures him that she can do it. Drishti tried to impress her by appreciating the jewels design. Sulakshana says to her that she can’t choose it. Bulbul has to do it.
She is the daughters-in-law of this house. Drishti feels upset. Sulakshana gives a jewels set to Drishti. She says that she don’t need it. It’s looks so expensive. Sulakshana says that it’s an artificial. She is aware that she don’t like to take any gifts from her sister’s in laws. She can wear it on wedding. She looks good in this. Drishti feels upset but pretends like happy there. Meanwhile, Bulbul reached to her class. She prays to god. She thinks that she studied a lot but she couldn’t remember anything. Her friends makes fun of her for praying inside the classroom. Bulbul says to her that she is insulting the god. What if God failed her in the exam. She says that she won’t get fail if she wrote well. Bulbul says that she made fun of the god but.

Bulbul scared her. She apologized to the god and prays. Bulbul smiles seeing it. Abhi gives a bit to Varmika to copy in the exam. Varmika says that it’s cheating. She can’t do it. He says that she might do it to get pass mark in her exam. He gives it to her hand. Bulbul notices her with Abhi. She thinks that he isn’t a good company to her. She isn’t understanding it. Varmika returns the bit to Abhi. Bulbul asks her to sit beside her. She refuses to do it. Abhi returns the bit to Varmika. The professor comes there. She asks them to get ready for the exam. Veer sends a message to Bulbul. Bulbul replies to him that she will definitely write her exam well. He will be proud of her. Vaayu meets Veer in his police station. He teases him for worrying about his exam. He says that he came to give the lunch to him. Veer says that Bulbul will definitely write the exam well. If she is determined to do anything well then she will definitely do it well. He is believing her.

Later, Bulbul is shocked to hear that one hour left to complete the exam. She doesn’t remember any answer. She closed her eyes and prayed. Veer’s words comes to her mind. She shouts in an excitement. She starts writing the exam well. Varmika notices it and fears that she may score extra Mark then her. She takes the bit from Abhi to copy in her exam. He deliberately throws a bit near Bulbul. The professor notices it and ask them who is cheating in the exam. She asks the peon to call the principal. She won’t collect the papers till she catch the cheater. Bulbul notices Varmika hiding the bit in her shoes.

Episode end

Precap; The professor informs Veer that his wife cheated in the exam.

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