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The episode starts with Bulbul saying to Veer that he is a honest police officer. He can’t do what she is capable to do. He asks her what’s she trying to say? Devendra and Geetha arrived there. Bulbul fears that Debendra may reveal her real age to her family members. Devendra pretends like inquiring about Varadha’s health condition. Sulakshana says that he is alright now. Devendra takes Bulbul from there. He informs her that the police came here to arrest Varadha in a posco case. What will happen to them when he reveals her real age to them. The police will arrest the whole family. Bulbul gets anxious. Bulbul pleads with him not to do like this. Devendra demands her to take Veer’s sign in this licence paper. He won’t reveal the truth to anyone after it. Geetha asks him, how could he thinks about ruin his daughter’s life in this way? Bulbul shares her grief with them.

Meanwhile, Veer is inquiring Nalini. He asks her about her real age? Doesn’t her family aware of her age? Bulbul brings tiffen for Veer in the police station. She meets the prisoners there. Druv greets her. She asks him to give this tiffen to him. She asks him to help her once. She adds that Druv was with them in that wedding. They are not aware of Nalini’s age at all. We can’t take the responsibility of this issues. She wanted to help Veer. Druv fears that Veer may finds out about it. Bulbul assures him that she won’t inform anyone about it. Bulbul hears the way Veer inquiring Nalini.
She imagines like Veer inquiring her there. Veer scolds Nalini and says that he don’t believe her. Druv asks Bulbul to hide. Veer informs Druv that Nalini is saying the half truth. Her parents stopped her from studying in the school. But she lied to him that she shared everything to Jyoti’s family.

Veer excuses him to meet the commissioner. Vaayu says to Bulbul that Nalini didn’t revealed the truth to her husband. She is a lier. Because of her, Jyothi and her family are struggling inside the jail. Bulbul says that he shouldn’t blame Nalini for it. Her parents may forced her to marry him. They hide the truth from her in laws. She can’t take a decision in her own. Bulbul asks Druv to help her. She shares her plan with him. Vaayu says to her that they can recognise her. Bulbul says that it’s impossible. Lots of people attend the wedding. Its not easy to recognise them. Meanwhile, Sulakshana worried about Varadha’s health. He says to her that he is alright. He played a drama with Bulbul. She did it all to stop him from going to the jail. Nothing will happen to them till Bulbul and Veer are there. Meanwhile, Vaayu and Bulbul are disguise like a police officer. Bulbul and Vaayu threatens to give a electric shock to Nalini’s parents. They are scared and agreed to reveal the truth. Druv informs Bulbul that Veer will reach here asap. Bulbul assures him that she will finish the work.

Episode end

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