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The episode starts with Bulbul informing to Veer that she decided to leave his house and him. He is shocked to hear it. Geetha stopped her. She said to her that she shouldn’t leave her husband and family. He asks her if she was forced to marry him? If she isn’t happy with this wedding? Geetha took promise from her on mooh dikhai function. He asks her to say the reason. She tells him that she can’t leave from the house because of the promise. Meanwhile, Drishti wears Bulbul’s wedding dress. She thinks that she got her wedding dress back. She will stay in this room along with him. She will make him mad in her life. She lays on his bed. Vaayu searched for Drishti. He is surprised to see her in Bulbul’s room. She lies to him that she came to use the washroom. She noticed the dress weren’t folded well. Veer doesn’t like a mess. She was folding it. He says that guest room is in this floor. She tells him that she is new to this house. He warns her not to come to this room again. Meanwhile, Veer asks Bulbul then why didn’t she informed him that she wasn’t happy with this wedding.

Bulbul says to him that she tried in a many ways to convey it to him. She even tried to make him anger. She thought he will kick her out of the house. Veer feels guilty for not able to understand it. She wasn’t happy with this wedding but he couldn’t help her. Later, Sulakshana worries about Veer. Vaayu asks her why she is still talking about it. Varmika complaints that mom didn’t eat anything yet. Drishti says that her health will become worst. She has to eat anything. She is angry with her. She is still respecting her. Varmika says that dad met with an accident and Veer was stuck in the fire. Everything happened after Bulbul married to him. Vaayu asks her why she is bringing this issue again. Drishti thinks that they didn’t leave this matter yet. She can use this chance to separate Bulbul from Veer. Vaayu says that Varadha and Veer doesn’t like it. Drishti asks them if they trying to say Bulbul is a bad luck to this house. She is the reason for everything. Veer feels bad for Bulbul. Meanwhile, Vaayu says to Drishti that Sulakshana wanted to check the horoscope of Bulbul. Vishesh says that mom will get peace if she checked it. Why he is stopping her. Sulakshana says that her horoscope was burnt.

Drishti says to Sulakshana that she can help her to create another one for Bulbul. Sulakshana feels relieved hearing it. Drishti thinks that her parents tried a lot to hide this truth but she will expose it. Later, Veer is lost in his thoughts. Bulbul asks him to push the swing. He recalls their moments and feels heartbroken. He fails to understand it was a forced marriage to her. Meanwhile, Sulakshana and Drishti meets the priest. Drishti says to the priest that Bulbul’s horoscope was burnt. She asks him to write her horoscope again. He mentioned her original birth date. Sulakshana is shocked to hear it. Veer takes Bulbul to home. He makes her lay on the bed. She asks him if he know what was in other’s mind. He thinks that she was right. They ended up marrying in an unexpected situation. But he thought nothing will come in their life to ruin their happiness. He wasn’t aware that she was forced to marry him. She holds his hand. He asks her to leave his hand. She says him to stay with her. He says that she wasn’t happy with him. Why she is asking him to stay with her. She pleads with him to stay with her. He says that she did everything for him and family without an option. He thought she likes him. He feels guilty.

Sulakshana says to Drishti that Bulbul is 17 years old. Drishti denied it. She asks the priest to tell her date of birth. He gave wrong date of birth. Drishti says that he forgot it seems. She asks him not to create any mistakes in the horoscope. Sulakshana and Drishti leaves from there. Later, Drishti thinks that today is her first rasoi. Bulbul did everything here on behalf of here. She is the real daughter-in-law of this house. She is the wife of Veer. Bulbul wakes up and feels her head aching. She finds the notes beside. Veer mentioned that she drank bhang yesterday. She fears that she blabbered the truth to him.

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Veer ignores Bulbul

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