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The episode starts Bulbul helping Vaayu to arrange everything for Holi. Veer gives an oinment to her to apply it on her wound. She tells him that she is alright. She collides with him. She apologized to him. She says that she wanted to thank him for motivating her. She mistakenly ruined his shirt. She asks him to break this water balloon on her head. She says that she won’t mistaken him. It’s Holi. Let’s celebrate of together. He thinks that she doesn’t wanted to wear the saree he gifted her. But she wanted to celebrate holi with him. He can’t understand her. They heard Vaani’s voice. Meanwhile, Sulakshana waiting for Bulbul’s parents. Geetha asks her what’s the matter. Sulakshana says that they hide the truth from her. They betrayed them. Geetha fears about getting caught. Sulakshana says that Bulbul has Amavasya dhosh in her horoscope. It will cost Veer’s life. She can’t take any risk in Veer’s life. She says that Bulbul and Veer should get separated. Drishti smirks hearing it. Later, Vani is adamant to play the holi. Everyone trying to calm her down. Vani hugs Bulbul and cries.

Bulbul says to Varadha that she has a request to him for Holi. She wish this time Vani should join with us to celebrate the Holi. Varmika says that mom will scold them. Varadha says that he can handle her. He gives a permission to Bulbul. Vani hugs her in happiness. Vaayu says that he is happy to hear it. Bulbul and Veer are best couples. Bulbul stares Veer. Later, Veer is lost in his thoughts. Varadha asks him what’s the matter? He tells him that he is confused. He doesn’t know either Bulbul is happy in this relationship or not? Varadha says that it’s common to have misunderstandings between a husband and wife. He advises him to talk straight to Bulbul. If he talk with her openly he can clear this misunderstanding. Veer thanked him for guiding him. Varadha worries about Sulakshana. Geetha requests Sulakshana not to break Veer and Bulbul’s relationship. Sulakshana says that she is a mom that is why she is requesting her to save Bulbul’s life.

Sulakshana says that she is also a mom. She worries about her son. She tried a lot to accept Bulbul as her daughter-in-law. Bulbul is also trying her best to become a good daughters-in-law. But Veer is important to her then anyone. When it comes to Veer she can’t support Bulbul. Geetha requests her to give a chance to Bulbul. The priest says that there may be some solution for this problem. He needs one day time to find a solution. Geetha requests her to give one more day. Drishti thinks that this plan shouldn’t be failed. Sulakshana gives a permission to them and leaves. Geetha says to Devendar that Bulbul is innocent. We did the mistake. She is paying for it. She doesn’t has any dhosh. But she will land in another problem when we reveal the truth to them. Devendra says that he has to do something to save their married life. He will make sure to hide the truth of her horoscope.

Meanwhile, Bulbul is stitching the saree. She feels guilty for burn it. Veer comes there. Bulbul apologized to him for burnt it. She assures him to stitch it. Veer thinks that she didn’t wear this dress deliberately. It was burnt for real. He asks her to leave it. She asks him if he is angry with her. He denied it. She asks Bulbil’s promise. He gives Veer’s promise. She shares with him about the excitement to celebrate holi. Veer admired her. She challenged him to apply the colors on him first. He accepted her challenge. Vardha notices Sulakshana is praying in the temple. Bulbul joins with her. Varadha says that they have same wavelength. Meanwhile, Drishti calls the priest and confirms that he couldn’t find any solution. Bulbul and Veer might be separated. He will inform Sulakshana about it. Drishti is on cloud nine. The next day, Veer and Bulbul gets ready to celebrate holi. Bulbul is about to apply the colors on Sulakshana but she stops her. She says that Varadha should apply the colour on her first. They applied the colors each other. Varadha stops her from applying colors to Veer reasoning Bulbul will apply the colors to him first. They takes their blessings.

Sulakshana worries about the horoscope. Bulbul signals to Veer. Geetha comes there. Sulakshana says that she thought to surprise them. Veer says that it’s the best gift for Bulbul. Geetha questions Drishti but she manages to lie with her. Later, Bulbul and Veer revealed the challenge to them.

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Bulbul lashes out at Veer

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