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The episode begins with embed is still lost in his thoughts and is continuously thinking over the taunts and judgments he is facing from all. Pammi is talking to the uncle of Guneet through the video call and he is asking her why you are getting fatty so much? Pammi says that actually, this is the marriage house so I have eaten so much of Chole Bhature.

She says you can come and have the marriage functions happily. He says to her you consult with Guneet about these important things being a mother of her. she says my daughter is already 40 years old and she must be aware of stuff so what should I tell her which is exclusive?

He says that I took my wife to the doctor and get things checked and verified medically and you also do the same or at least advised Guneet to do the same. As per my experiences if she doesn’t medical check-up then she can face problems and complications in her pregnancy life later on. Pammi smiles to make the situation comfortable and says I will do it for sure and cut off the call.

Pammi and her relatives reached the house of Amber with stuff and shagun. One of the aunties of Guneet again taunted Amber for being an old man from Guneet. They ask him to go through hair dying so that he can look a bit younger besides their daughter. Amber is really not comfortable with such remarks from them and still keeps mum but all the situation around him is making things difficult for him.

Suddenly people are starting to beat drums and playing loud music. He feels suffocated and caught in between all this and thoughts of giving a call to Niya. He tries to talk to her desperately but somehow the calls are not getting connected. He continuously tries the number of Niya like a maniac and blabbers that I am not liking this loud music and so much of sound.

I will experience a hike in my blood pressure or something if you don’t talk to me to calm my mind down. Kajal who is doing her work notices that Amber is upset and disturbed with something and he is literally escaping from things and stuffs around him. One of his helpers is instructing the light man to do his job properly and he asked them why are you shouting for no reason? He says that the workers are not doing the job properly.

Amber says to him that I can understand that but what is the need of shouting and instructing him? He is standing here only and you can instruct him with full time and patience. He is trying to escape the whole arrangements that are being done in his house. He goes away from the whole area and trying to find a corner to relax.

Precap – Amber heights himself in the rent room of RB and someone puts on the light. Kajal in forms near that number is not present in the house and accidentally Guneet listens to their conversation and her smile fades away.