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Episode begins with Guneet and other family members come to the house of Amber to Celebrate their sangeet ceremony. As usual Pammi and her cousin sisters are throwing tantrums here and there while others are enjoying. They advised Guneet to consummate her marriage as soon as possible or else it will be problematic in the later time of life. Her friend helps her to get out of this embarrassing situation and Guneet thanks her for this.

She is looking for Amber while Kajal informs Niya that Amber is not in the house and they are trying to manage the situation without anyone knowing about anything. Niya is trying to behave normally in front of all. Guneet asks what happened to Niya but she behaves all normal and compliments her for her outfit as well.

 Niya messages Kajal, Kabir and others elders to gather inside her room as her father is missing from the house. Everyone gets tensed to know this and all of them are trying to decode what can be the reason behind it? On the other side, Amber is with RB in his room and he prepared drinks for both of them.

Amber is looking tensed and panicked. As soon as he extends the glass of wine towards him, he gulps the whole in one go. Pammi’s cousin sister did video conferencing with the uncle of Guneet and he is asking about the preparations for sangeet from the groom’s side and Hakim says they will do their best. RB asks him what is your plan now?

Like if you are trying to escape from your marriage without any prior plan then you have maximum chances of getting caught then what you will do?  RB asks Amber but you are truly in love with Guneet then what happened? He says I loved her and wanted to have a small family with me, her and Niya but unfortunately this is becoming a huge mess.

 Everybody is inside my house that I am not getting even an ounce of space for myself. I am not able to do anything in this state. RB books a cab for Amber to leave and says I will not stop you because I have learned in my life that if someone wants to go away from you then do not try to stop them.

Amber goes away from the house without telling anyone about anything. RB says to him please think once before going because there is a marriage functions going on and it will become an embarrassment. Amber doesn’t pay attention and leaves outside.


Precap – Kabir asks Hakim to manage the situation as Amber is missing from the house. Hakim performs in the functions and Guneet gets worried for Amber being absent from the event.


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Mere Dad Ki Dulhan 24th September 2020 Written Update: Amber is getting nervous regarding his marriage preparation