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The episode starts with Guneet asking Amber where her earring is. It’s morning and there is a lot of noise in the house so Niya covers her ears. Pammi asks Niya to have breakfast. Amber and Guneet come to the kitchen too for breakfast after Amber have found Guneet’s earring. He insists to drop Guneet at office but she says that she will go by taxi. Niya asks Amber not to insists.

Guneet and Amber go to the living room where Guneet tells him that she is used to do her things by her own and she is using taxi since past twenty years and nothing changes after she has become mrs. She asks him to call cab if he wants to do something a husband would. Amber leaveas.

When Guneet goes out, she sees no cab but instead there is Amber cleaning his motorbike. She guesses he hasn’t called cab. Amber tells her that he called cab but cancelled it afterwards. She asks what. Amber replies that it isn’t necessary for her to keep doing what she has been doing since twenty years and invites her to sit on his bike. He glares at it and at him. He asks her not to look at it like that since it is the same bike from where he gave up his heart to her. Guneet accepts to go to office with Amber on his bike just because she is getting late.

On the other hand, as Niya confronts Rishi about him liking her. Rishi tells Niya that he isn’t able to decide: is she so stupid not to know the answer or is she so smart that she knows it but wants to hear it from him? Niya asks what he means. Rishi replies that he likes her more than a friend. She is about to walk away but he grabs her wrist stopping her.

He says that he knows she still feels for Kabir and she might never feel like that for him but he cannot change his feelings because of hers. Niya asks him to leave her hand. Rishi does that and tells her that he knew she would have reacted like that so he never told her. Niya sarcastically says that he did a big favour on her and adds that she thought he gave her such a big opportunity for her creativity and capability.

Rishi says that he thought she has started understanding him. He asks whether she really thinks that he decided to give her a company worth of million just because he likes her. He adds that about Venut, he would get lots of people to handle it. He says that there is take over announcement tonight and if she will come then he will take it as her accepting the opportunity, the decision is hers. Niya leaves the room and huffs.

In the meantime, Amber is taking Guneet to the office on his bike. He applies sudden brake and that pushes her towards him. He then holds her hand and puts it on his shoulder but she removes it. “Humsafar hai sabhi” plays. He places it again on his shoulder.

Amber stops the bike in a café. Guneet calls Mr Mehra and asks him where he is. After cutting call, she tells Amber that she had to inform Mehra after reaching there and she got late but now he is coming. Amber says that they would have not gotten late if she agreed for bike earlier.

Amber and Guneet notice a young couple romancing. Amber says that people start anywhere. The couple come closer to kiss and Guneet and Amber immediately turn around embarrassed. Both have their hands on the bike. Amber slowly moves his hand towards Guneet’s one. She is aware of that but is shy and moves the hand away. Ambeer tries again to reach her hand. She smiles. Just before Amber can touch Guneet’s hand, she sees Mr Mehra and goes to him.

Mr Mehra argue with Guneet for being late. She says that she had a problem at home: she is a woman and she has to handle home also. Mehra says that women should stay home then. Amber comes there and bashes Mehra and ask for apology. Mehra leaves saying that he won’t buy any product from Guneet.

Guneet and Amber come back home. Guneet refuses to take amber to any of her meeting now onwards. When she goes inside, she finds Swara there. Swara invites her and Amber to the party which is tomorrow. She says that they might announce engagement. Niya comes on stairs and Guneet informs about the party. Swara leaves.

Guneet notices Niya is sad and asks her what happened. She says that she used to organize parties at Kabir’s house but now it seems like he is getting distant. They sit together. Guneet says that he has girlfriend now so obviously he is getting distant. She suggests Niya to move on and asks about RV since she feels Rishi likes her. Niya denies it and adds that she is not interested. Guneet informs her that Kabir might announce his engagement at the party. Niya is taken aback. She says that she has work. Guneet recommends her not to let love leave again from her life. Niya goes to a corner sadly.
Episode ends

Precap: Guneet and Amber share romantic moment. Rishi announces that his company is taking over Venut and introduces Niya as the new CEO. Kabir is left surprised to see her.