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The episode begins with Niya comes inside with Amber and sees all are sitting inside the house with upset faces but she asks all that happened and they give her an envelope and she gets upset upon getting the news.

 Pammi comes to see the preparation if done alright and gets to know the marriage venue booking got cancelled. Pammi and Amber start to argue with each other over what will happen now. Pammi says if we get a marriage planner for the function then they will find a way out. Kabir says let us postpone the marriage function for sometime until we get another venue.

Niya suggested why don’t we do the marriage function in our house itself? Swara says it can be possible because your house is so spacious and all of them start to do preparations for it. Niya, Kabir, Kajal and all are doing preparations for it and finally they managed to prepare the marriage hall for Amber and Guneet.

They made Amber see the marriage preparations and he gets happy to see everything and Hakim also comes there to inform them something and gets happy to see the decorations. He informs them that the parlor where Guneet and his friend Jhanvi went for makeup, they called and inform that one of their employee is being tested positive hence till the time Guneet and Jhanvi gets tested they will be quarantined.

 Amber gets restless and he wants to meet Guneet but nobody is allowing him to meet her. He is trying his best to sneak out of the house without anybody noticing him but every time he is getting stopped by someone which is resulted in the increase in the blood pressure of Amber.

Amber is getting emotional for Guneet and all he wants to do is to see her to be assured that she is fine and doing alright. He tries to enter the house of Guneet but Pammi doesn’t allow him. He tries to enter her room using the ladder but loses his balance and falls on the ground and again get caught by Niya, Kabir and Hakim. He comes home dejected and all broken as somehow he is scared for Guneet and is fearing about their marriage.

Kabir comes to him and says that it is on call and she wants to talk to you right now. Amber gets relieved and talks to Guneet over the call. She asks him if you are feeling scared like me and he tries to act all courageous and positive in front of her. He says I am not at all scared for you as I am sure you will be negative for sure.

Guneet says I am always positive in everything about my life  that I am so scared if I will be positive in this too? Amber says to her don’t think so negative and I am sure the report will be in our favour and he says should I come there to meet you?

 Guneet says to him do not come here if you get infected then with whom I’ll get married. Ambar smiles and says you need not to worry about anything.


Precap – Amber, Guneet, Kabir and all did time travel in the future.