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Star Bharat’s recently launched show Meri Saas Bhoot Hai is a horror comedy show which revolves around Gaura and her late mother in law Rekha. How Gaura’s life turns into a nightmare when Rekha’s ghost starts troubling her during her time at her husband’s house after marriage will be interesting to watch.

In the previous episode, Som asks Twinkle’s parents to wait for Ganga and Kanchan. He invites them for dinner. Rekha asks Twinkle to have a house tour with Som. Twinkle’s mother tells Rekha that Som and Twinkle’s pair looks great. Rekha agrees. Ganga tells Laxmi that she will send money via Rahul.

She decides to not let Laxmi enter house after Som and Gaura’s marriage. Laxmi hugs Gaura and praises her. Gaura tells God that she doesn’t want money, house or property but a loving family after marriage. She thinks she will get another parents and will love her mother in law a lot.

She thanks God for giving her an escape from the haunted atmosphere outside her house and letting her stay in Banaras to come for Laxmi’s help anytime. She seeks permission from Laxmi to meet Chanchal in order to inform her about her marriage. Som, Twinkle come closer. Rekha gets scared seeing some black shadow.

She thinks that messenger of hell has come to take Ganga with him and prays for Ganga’s death. Ganga, Kanchan come home. Rekha asks Som to go infront of them with Twinkle so that Ganga and Kanchan get pissed. Ganga and Kanchan get shocked as Som comes infront of them holding Twinkle’s hand.

In the upcoming episode, Gaura meets Chanchal and gives her the good news. Gaura’s father tells Laxmi it will not be a marriage but a deal, he gets angry. Som says that he likes Twinkle and wants to marry her. Kanchan falls sick.

Twinkle’s parents feel that Ganga and Kanchan didn’t like Twinkle. Som asks Kanchan what she wants. Kanchan asks him if she doesn’t like Twinkle will he break the alliance.

To know what happens next stay tuned to Meri Saas Bhoot Hai on Star Bharat/Hotstar and this space.