Lead characters of Star Plus’ Ye Rishte hain Pyar Ke, Mishti and Abir is on a path to write an unforgettable love story. Played by Shaheed Sheikh and Rhea Sharma as leads, let’s find out what makes MishBir a splenduor love story of all times. 

Struggle of Love:

It has been said that, the more struggle you face, more sweet will be fruits of your labor. MishBir has struggled in every possible manner. Their relationship is still struggling not within themselves but with other forces who are hell bent of separating them. But the stubborn duo is ready to face any challenges which life is throwing or will put to be together. 

Friendship and Understanding:

MishBir is always been friends since the day they met. Their friendship make them understand each other like no one before. They know what the other want and act accordingly. There were many ups and downs but their friendship continued. Such friendship is bound to turn to a great love story. 


MishBir’s love is very unique as in this case it was the girl who come forward to say the magical words before the boy. Though when uttered, it was acceptable from both sides. It was realized first by Abir but uttered first by Mishti. They are at par with each other and complement each other. 


No matter what the circumstances are, their respect for each other grows with every passing day. Abir has huge respect for a self confident Mishti and Mishti respect Abir immensely because of his human nature. 

Courage to fight forever:

These love birds have decided after their confession to be together and will continue to fight for their love till everyone around them accepts it. They will not let anyone down their love relationship. 

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