We know how bored you must be staying at your home 24×7. So we bring you tips and hacks directly from your favourite ITV characters. So today we bring you the tips that your favourite couple Abir(Shaheer Sheikh) and Mishti(Rhea Sharma) from Star Plus’s Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke. If you are die hard fan of the show you know how Mishbir stay at home and still enjoy. So that’s nice goals for this lockdown time.

Abir, as we know, loves painting and sketching. He can spend hours and hours into it. It’s his passion and he forgets the time once he starts it. Painting is not only a talent but a creative talent which can refresh your minds and can give you a boast that is required for everyone of us who are locked in their homes. So, not only painting but their are many other creative talents you can take up that you like to do or else you can start learning painting now. Learning can be done at any age and any time. The next thing Abir does is writing poems. He writes all his feelings in form of poems and that brings a peace and happiness to him. In this time of lockdown we need to be in a light mood or else we will just spoil our moods for many days as we don’t have a out from this situation atleast for 20 days. So it’s best to put out all your feelings in some form so that it’s totally out of your mind.

Mishti, on the other hand, loves to cook. Being a ideal daughter in law, she cooks food for her family and keeps her family happy. Cooking is a very nice activity as you can always learn more and more in cooking field no matter how good chef you are. Mishbir, together love to spend quality time with each other and also with their siblings/family. This is a very nice way to spend time together as family, you can play board games or antakshri. By this you can create beautiful memories.

So these are are the few tips Mishbir bring to us. We hope that you all fans will take up some inspiration from your favourite characters. Let us know your views on this. Keep buzzin!