Star Plus most popular show Yeh Rishtey Hain Pyaar Ke is currently witnessing emotional drama.

If you follow the show you must be well aware of the current track. So far in the episodes it is seen, Mishti exposed Abir’s father Mehul’s fraud story. Meenakshi joined the hand with her and brought Mehul truth in front of Abir. Heartbroken Abir apologizes Meenakshi for misbehaving with her after learning the truth.

After Mehul’s drama, it was expected that Meenakshi will have a change of heart towards Mishti but she again get adamant to throw her out from Abir’s life. She took a promise from Abir trapping him in her words and demands him to do breakup with Mishti.

Shocked with Meenakshi’s demand, Abir decided to do breakup with Mishti. But we all know Mishit’s character has a ‘never give up’ trait. So, she decided to confront Abir. And what a flawless, amazing and emotional performance ‘MISHBIR’ gave in this sequence. The duo was fabulous and the powerful dialogue in this sequence was cherry on top. Thus, here we have thread few of the great Mishti and Abir’s dialogue from their recent break up. Check them out!

Here are few top most fabulous dialogues of Mishti and Abir from their emotional sequence which will make you to watch their scenes on loop!

              MISHTI TO ABIR

Saath Aane Ka Faisala Dono Ne Kiya Tha Abir; Alag Hone Ka Faisala Tum Akele Nai Kar Saktei!

Tum Khud se Jhooth Bol Saktei Ho, Saari Duniya Se Jhooth Bol Saktei Ho, Lekin Mujhse Jhooth Nai Bol Saktei!

Tum Agar Chalei Gye Na Abir, Toh Mishti Agarwal Ki Jaan Chali Jaayegi!

Azeeb Rajvansh: Dil Ne Chugli Kar Di; Tum Aaj Bhi Mujhse Pyaar Kartei Ho, Aur Humesa Karte Rahoge. Tumhari Heartbeat Tumhari Nahi Sunti Aur Mere Aasoon Meri Nahi Sunti!

Angry Chorni Mei Thi, Aur Aaj Jeb Meri Hi Kat Gyi. Jada Kuch Nai Gya Bas Pyaar Jahan Rakha Tha Ab Wahan Nai Hai!

                              ABIR TO MISHTI

  • Jab Saath Chuthta Hai, Toh Haath Bhi Chuth Jaana Chahiye Misthi!

  • Mere Ghar Pe Tumhare Bahut Ehsaan Hai Mishti, Ek Ehsaan Aur Karna- Mujhe Bhul Jana!

 Aren’t this emotional sequence is making you to watch MISHBIR on loop? Well, share with us your favorite Mishbir moment in the comment section!

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