Yeh Rishte Hai Pyaar Ke is a well-known show airing on Star Plus and also a spin-off series of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai. As always, bringing out a ‘Nayi Soch’ in their shows, Star Plus snapped by airing this show.

Mishti’s character:

Spun in a series of family problems, adopting issues and many more the show displays some complicated story-line in simple way. The settings are placed in Rajkot, entwined with a new thought line of the female lead Mishti. Mishti believes are modern like she want to marry for love. She stands up for her love. Mishti never back down and always stand up for right, even if it means going against everyone’s will. If she thinks, she is thinking straight and her steps are in right direction, she ignore what world is miffing about.  This new thought is reflected when Mishti asked for a premarital courtship with Kunal and when she was asked to hold his hands in marriage has shaken enough old beliefs. Mishti believes in independence and the importance of compatibility in a relationship. Nothing’s wrong with her motive! Is it?

Unlike other characters on TV who are either loud or damsel-in-distress, the makers have kept character of Mishti very down to earth. They tried to make Mishti relatable like any other next door girl.

Mishti’s Values:

At the same time, Mishti knows how to take care of elders and never ever shows disrespect. She is polite towards them and lovable to younger ones. She loves her younger sister and trying to keep her life on track. Not only that, she tells her the meaning of true love. Mishti is standing by her side in her times of need. She brings back the father of love of her life Abir though she knew it will raise many eyebrows. She nurtures beings of NGO and provide support in every way she can. Mishti also seeks everyone’s blessing for her marriage despite of both leads in love. So, they decide not to marry unless every elder agrees. A perfect portrayal of modern woman with values. 

Having more than 150 episodes and still counting the show is doing moderate in TRP charts. Hats-off to the new motive and idea being brought out by this show and through Mishti. Keep reading for more updates. Let’s Get Buzzing!!