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Episode begins with Virendra and Purvi spends quality time in the village fair. Virendra buys bangles and shawl for Purvi. Purvi shocks seeing Sakshi there. Virendra asks her that what happened to her. She says to him that she is going to meet Sudha and Priyu saying they must be waiting for her and leaves from there. She follows Sakshi but loses her. On the other hand, Anjali and Jyoti moves towards the guy who is incharge of Ferris wheel ride and starts dancing around him. Jyoti distracts that guy and Anjali flips a switch of the Ferris wheel. Manas topples over his seat and hangs there.

Purvi asks one lady about Sakshi. That lady says to her that Sakshi was roaming alone so village people brought her and shows one house saying now Sakshi stays in that house only. Purvi thanks her and moves towards that house. People sees Manas hanging in the Ferris wheel. Juhi asks Manas to not release his grip and screams for help. Manas also screams for help. Anjali says to Jyoti that she taught lesson to Manas and says it’s time to enjoy the drama. She takes her sister to eat “pani puri”.

Purvi knocks that house door and realises that it’s open already and moves inside to search Sakshi but no one is there and wonders where Sakshi went now. She prays to God to help her to find Sakshi. She comes out of the house and gets surprised seeing Sudha there and asks her that what is she doing there. Sudha asks her that what Purvi doing there instead enjoying in the village fair. Purvi says to her that she saw Sakshi so she followed her but now Sakshi is missing. Sudha says to her that Sakshi is with them only.

Priyu brings Sakshi there. Purvi says to Sudha that this place is not safe for Sakshi so they has to take her to some safe place. She decides to take Sakshi to palace saying Sakshi can stay in the store room. Sudha says to her that she will take Sakshi to the palace. Purvi shocks seeing Manas and runs towards him. Manas asks Purvi to help him. Manas falls down and Virendra catches him. Anjali gets angry seeing that and leaves from there. Village people praises Virendra and informs him about wrestling competition. Purvi asks him to not participate in the competition. Virendra refuse to listen her and agrees to participate in the competition.

Purvi gets afraid seeing Virendra’s competitor and wonders how Virendra going to fight against him. Kids also gets worried for Virendra. Purvi asks them to pray for Virendra’s safety. Jyoti says to Anjali that they can’t win against Virendra and Purvi. Anjali sees Virendra’s car and cuts the brake wire. Kids and Purvi cheers for Virendra. Virendra wins the competition and he gives the trophy to Purvi. Purvi praises Virendra in her mind.

Episode ends.