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Episode begins with Purvi says to Virendra that she got afraid seeing his competitor but he fought really well. Virendra smiles hearing her and says to Driver to drive slowly. Driver gets panick when he realises that car’s brake is not working and informs about it to Virendra. Virendra asks him that how can it happen. Purvi asks Virendra to hold the car and she holds the Kids. Kids gets afraid and asks what’s going to happen now. Purvi consoles them saying nothing will happen. Virendra takes Driver seat.

On the other hand, Sudha and Priyu brings Sakshi to the palace. Anjali asks Jyoti to lock her in the cell before anyone see her. Sudha notices Anjali, Jyoti and hides Sakshi from them. Sudha takes Sakshi to the store room and tells her to not fear saying soon Purvi will come. Virendra tells them to wear seat belt and hold the car tightly. Purvi asks him to drive the car carefully. He says to her that he has to collide with the tree to stop the car and he don’t have any other choice. He collides with the tree and the Kids starts crying.

In palace, Anjali says to Jyoti that till now accident would have happened and asks her to prepare for Virendra, Purvi and the Kids last rites. She shocks hearing Manas’s voice and wonders how they came back alive. She tells Jyoti to go out of the cell before anyone see her. Jyoti was about to lock the door but Purvi holds her hand. Anjali and Jyoti shocks seeing her. Jyoti says to Purvi that she just came to give water to Anjali that’s it. Purvi asks Anjali to come out of the cell. Anjali says to her that she did nothing.

Purvi informs them about the car accident and says to them that life is unpredictable so they should not waste their life by hating each other that’s why they decided to release her. Anjali gets happy and says to Purvi that she will apologize to the Kids and leaves from there. Jyoti follows her. Purvi signals Priyu. Sudha and Priyu brings Sakshi there. Purvi says to them that this is the safest place for Sakshi and tells Sakshi to take rest saying she will come again to meet her.

Later, Purvi thanks to God for saving their life. She puts “kala tikka” on kids. Manas says to her that Virendra saved them so she should put “kala tikka” on him too. Virendra says to them that they has to put “kala tikka” on Purvi too. Juhi says to Virendra that they want to sleep with them today and asks Purvi to say story.

Prakashi thinks Virendra won’t leave her if he found that what all she did with Sakshi in these 5 years. Purvi goes to give food to Sakshi. Prakashi asks Anjali to bring water for her. Purvi hides behind the pillar seeing them. Sakshi recalls her past and starts singing lullaby. Purvi smiles hearing her and apologize to her for coming late then feeds her. She praises her song and asks her to teach. Next day, Purvi wish to spend time with Virendra and removes the buttons from his shirts.

Episode ends.