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Molkki Spoiler: Purvi's request to Virendra

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The episode begins with Purvi tells Virendra to talk to her and says he is avoiding her since morning. He says he doesn’t have anything to talk to her. She says she knows that she did mistake and she should not have behaved that way yesterday night but he knows that she was not in her sense and says she feels bad for her behaviour. He says it was not her mistake but her feelings. She says she didn’t wanted to drink alcohol but seems like someone spiked her juice and says she is telling the truth only asks him to believe her.

He says they are talking about two different matters. She says is not he angry because she drink alcohol yesterday. He asks doesn’t she remember anything which happened yesterday night. She says she really don’t remember anything and today morning Sudha only told her what happened in the party and thanks him for saving her life.

He asks doesn’t she remember anything else. She asks what else she did. He says she confessed her feelings to him and says she said that she loves him and even sing a song for him. She shocks hearing him then starts to laugh. He looks at her strangely. She asks how can he took her talks seriously when she was not in her sense and says she respects him but she doesn’t love him.

She says just because he is her husband that’s not mean he must be her love too. She says she will love the person who is equal to her age not equal to her Uncle’s age. He says he is glad that she told everything to him and moves to other side of the terrace. He feels bad recalling Purvi’s words.

Purvi sees Vaibhav’s car and wonders from where he is coming at this time. Kids comes there and says they only locked the door and asks them that they become friends or not. Virendra says they will be friends only forever. Purvi questions Vaibhav. He says small accident happened. She feels something is fishy definitely and checks the car and realises that he lied to her because it’s not seem like a small accident.

She gets Priyu’s diary and reads Priyu’s message which says she is afraid of Vaibhav because she feels like he may kill her anytime. She calls the Aunt who lives near her house and asks about Priyu and her parents. Aunt says everyone went to temple and disconnects the call. Purvi’s father gives money to her and tells her to lie to Purvi whenever she calls her.

Purvi wonders how to inform Virendra that she is suspecting Vaibhav. He says driver will drop her from today because he has many important things to do than dropping her in the college. She goes to Vaibhav and asks what he did with Priyu and shows the diary to him.

He says it was their past, now he realised his mistakes and he changed too. Purvi sees couple going together in bicycle and recalls the moments she shared with Virendra. Virendra too recalls the moments he shared with Purvi seeing the couple and thinks Purvi won’t love him.

Episode ends.