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Episode begins with Virendra tells Prakashi that Vaibhav deserves death punishment for all the crimes he did. Prakashi asks him to not give that punishment to Vaibhav. He says Vaibhav crossed all the limits by killing Priyu and asks how can she take his side. She says Vaibhav did sin and he deserves punishment too and asks him to not kill him. He says Vaibhav murdered Priyu so he doesn’t deserve to live and no one can stop him today from punishing Vaibhav and apologize to her then leaves from there.

Purvi follows him. Anjali says everything happening because of Purvi. Mama asks her to not put the blame on Priyu because Vaibhav is the reason for his sufferings. Prakashi says she will make Virendra understand and asks Mama to take her to Panchayat.

Virendra orders his staffs to hang Vaibhav. Prakashi comes there and pleads Virendra to not do like this and says she knows that Vaibhav is wrong but as a mother she can see her son dying like this in front of her and asks him to give any other punishment. Virendra apologize to her saying he can’t listen her because he is not just his son and as a head of this village he can’t change his decision. He says Vaibhav is just a criminal for him nothing else.

He says he gave second chance to Vaibhav instead of sending him to jail but he mistreated Priyu and killed her finally and says Vaibhav is not Prakashi’s son now because he become devil now. She pleads him to forgive Vaibhav. He says he can’t do anything. She pleads Purvi to stop Virendra. Purvi says she doesn’t have any rights to stop the head of this village and apologize to her.

Prakashi faints and using that chance Vaibhav escapes from there. Virendra and Purvi follows him. Virendra asks Vaibhav to surrender himself to Police otherwise they will shoot him. Police comes there and catches Vaibhav. Vaibhav points the gun at Virendra and says he should be ashamed because he tried to kill him for Molkki and her sister. Virendra says Vaibhav is not his brother and says he didn’t regret while punishing him because he deserves that.

Vaibhav says he is also not regretting for what he did with Priyu and she deserved to die. He says Virendra never trusted him and he doesn’t had any expectations from him. He falls down and drops the gun. Virendra takes that.

Vaibhav says he killed Priyu but Purvi and Virendra can’t do anything and runs from there. Virendra aims towards Vaibhav’s feet and shoots but Vaibhav falls down so the bullet hits on his heart. Virendra shocks seeing that. Constable checks Vaibhav and says he is not breathing. Police inspector says they has to arrest Virendra for shooting Vaibhav.

Purvi cries and asks Police to not arrest Virendra. Virendra tells her to stay strong and take care of Prakashi and the Kids until he returns. Prakashi cries recalling everything. Anjali instigates Prakashi against Purvi and Priyu.

Episode ends.