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Episode begins with Anjali tells Prakashi that their family suffering from the time Purvi and Priyu entered their house and those sisters destroyed their happiness and at end separated Vaibhav and Virendra. Purvi asks Virendra that how is he. Virendra says he did huge mistake. Anjali says she knows that Vaibhav did crime but law would have punished him but Purvi spoiled everything by using Virendra.

Purvi says Virendra did nothing wrong and everything will be fine soon. He says he wanted to punish Vaibhav but never wanted to shoot him and says court may forgive him but Prakashi won’t forgive him. He says she loved him more than her own blood but what did. He says he wanted stop Vaibhav from running but didn’t expected he will bend like that.

Anjali says if Virendra wanted then he would have shooted Vaibhav at feet and says they lost Vaibhav permanently because of Purvi. Purvi says Prakashi will forgive Virendra once she knows the truth and tells him to not think much. He says even if Prakashi forgives him, he can’t forgive himself.

Prakashi says she lost both of her sons and she is unlucky mother and Anjali can’t understand her pain and says she wants to stay alone. Anjali thinks Prakashi become mad that’s why not throwing Purvi out of the house.

Anjali tries to feed food to kids but they refuses to eat and says they won’t eat until Virendra and Purvi comes. She was about to slap Manas and Purvi stops her and threatens her to not behave like this with her kids. Manas asks about Virendra and Purvi lies to him saying Virendra will return soon and feeds them.

Later, she tells Prakashi to eat something and says she can understand her pain because she also lost her sister and asks her to believe that she wanted to punish Vaibhav but never wished for his death. Anjali says Vaibhav died because of Purvi and asks her to stop doing drama by shedding fake tears and tells her to leave from there.

Prakashi cries seeing Vaibhav’s dead body. Police brings Virendra to perform Vaibhav’s last rites. Virendra apologize to Prakashi and says he can’t even face her and says he aimed at Vaibhav’s feet only and says it happened accidentally. She says she believes him and says she is not angry on him and says seems like God wanted to punish Vaibhav like this. Anjali thinks Prakashi become mad.

Priest asks who is going to perform the last rites of Vaibhav. Prakashi says Virendra will perform. Anjali gets call and goes alone to talk to that person. Purvi notices that and wonders with whom she is talking to. Virendra tells Purvi to go to house. She says she also didn’t eat anything and she won’t eat anything until he eat food and they feeds each other and she talks about her uncle to cheer him. Anjali meets Vaibhav.

Episode ends.