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Episode begins with Anjali meets Vaibhav and says she shocked when he called her and for a second she thought ghost called her. He says he felt only she will help him that’s why he called her. She asks how this magic happened because he died in front of everyone when Virendra shooted him then how he is alive now. He says it was his plan since beginning and says he wanted Virendra to shoot him that’s why he dropped his gun deliberately in front of him and he wanted to send Virendra to jail and says he was sure that Virendra will try to stop him and he wore bullet proof jacket already for his safety.

She praises him and his plan and says now Virendra can’t come out of the jail and Vaibhav too can leave the country easily now. He asks his tickets to her. She gives ticket to Himachal and says she kept his clothes and money in this bag and he has to stay there for a month then he can go to London. She reminds him about his promise and says he has to take Jyoti with him to London. He says after one month he will leave for London with Jyoti and says Virendra, Purvi’s bad time begins from now on.

Purvi was praying and hears Kids crying voice. She gets worried and asks why they are crying. Juhi says everyone mocking them saying Virendra is in jail and asks why she lied to them. Purvi says Virendra is in jail but he did nothing wrong and says soon he will come back and tells them to not cry never. Kids promises her that they won’t cry from now on. Anjali overhears their conversation.

Police inspector tells his team to check railway station, airport and busstands saying one criminal escaped from jail. Prakashi misses Vaibhav and cries seeing his picture. Anjali thinks now she also has to act like crying in front of her and says Purvi was laughing with kids without caring about anything. Purvi asks why Anjali lying like this and says she was just explaining the kids. Anjali blames her again. Prakashi yells at Anjali and tells her to stop it.

Vaibhav says now he is going to enjoy in Himachal and Virendra’s life will end in jail. Purvi hopes she won’t face any problem today. Juhi asks Purvi about Vaibhav. Purvi says Vaibhav went to God. Manas says he also wants to go there. Purvi tells him to not say like that.

Police inspector tells Purvi that one criminal escaped so according to their information he may try to leave the village through train. Vaibhav puts makeup like old man and reaches railway station. Purvi too reaches there. Anjali learns that Purvi went to railway station and wonders why she went there and she too decides to go there. Sudha says that old man is Vaibhav. Purvi shocks hearing her. Police inspector brings Virendra to railway station. Purvi shows Vaibhav to Police and tells them to catch him.

Episode ends.