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Episode begins with Purvi sneak into Bhuri’s room and starts searching proof against her. Bhuri thinks she left the vegetables in the room only and goes to her room. Police investigate the case in the college. Sudha decides to inform about investigation to Purvi. Seeing Bhuri, Purvi hides in the house and tries to leave the house without her knowledge. Sudha calls Purvi and Bhuri hears the mobile tone and shocks seeing seeing Purvi in her room and asks what is she doing in her room and why she entered like a theif. Purvi shows the ring she got from Bhuri’s room and says she came to get this.

She confronts Bhuri in front of Virendra and Prakashi. She asks how she got this ring and tells Prakashi that she was talking about this ring only and when it goes missing she suspected Bhuri only and then she saw her in jewelry shop that’s why she searched in her room and found the ring there. Virendra asks Bhuri that did she stole the ring. She stays silent. He asks her to answer him otherwise she will lose her job right now. Bhuri was about to say something but Anjali interferes saying it’s her ring.

Purvi asks how is this possible. Anjali says she only gave this ring to Bhuri. She shows the ring to Prakashi and asks does she remember anything. Prakashi says it’s Anjali’s ring only. Anjali says it’s proved that Bhuri didn’t stole anything and says Purvi suspecting everyone nowadays. Purvi is sure that Anjali lied to save Bhuri and she will expose them no matter what.

Anjali and Bhuri goes to some dark place where Virendra and Purvi’s pictures hanging. Prakashi destroys those pictures and says because of Purvi, Virendra didn’t listen her and even killed his brother. Anjali says Prakashi saved her by lying about the ring and asks her to not leave Virendra and Purvi. She asks why she didn’t said anything to Virendra and Purvi when Vaibhav died. Prakashi says she will destroy Virendra and Purvi’s life and she curses Virendra for killing Vaibhav. She says she is going to punish Virendra and Purvi now and says first she is going to break trust they have on each other and make sure that they end up hating each other and says she won’t leave Purvi.

Virendra picks Principal’s call and goes to meet him with Purvi. Principal apologize to Virendra and says they found the one who leaked the question paper. Karan comes there and Virendra says he knows that it must be him and yells at him. Principal says Karan is not the culprit. One more student comes there. Karan says he is real culprit. Virendra and Karan beats him. That student says Purvi slapped him in Fresher’s party so to get revenge he put the question papers on her bag. Principal says Karan only caught him. Purvi thanks Karan and says he is not that much bad guy.

Episode ends.