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Episode begins with Juhi and Manas gets happy seeing Purvi. Juhi asks Purvi that if she is fine. Purvi says to Juhi that she is doing well and asks about them. Kids says they are doing fine. Manas asks Purvi that where is she now. Purvi says she doesn’t know about the place. Manas tells her that Anjali locked them in the cell. He says Anjali is very bad person because she didn’t gave food also. Purvi cries hearing him and asks Manas to not cry. Juhi consoles Manas. Purvi promises that she will return soon and says she want to talk to Virendra. Juhi says Virendra went out for some work.

Purvi notices Goons and tells kids to not inform anyone about their talks. She says she will call them again and tells them to take care of themselves and disconnects the call. Goons tells Purvi to have food. Anjali asks Juhi and Manas to sleep. Juhi asks her to tell stories so they can sleep. She says if Anjali can’t then she will ask Mama to tell stories. Anjali gets afraid and asks Jyoti to tell stories to kids. Manas asks milkshake from Anjali. Anjali goes to kitchen.

Next day, Manas asks Anjali to bring sandwich for him. Kids asks her to help them to get ready. They keep troubling Anjali. Anjali cries in front of Jyoti. Jyoti says Anjali never worked this much in her life. Prakashi decides to get treatment for her sprain and informs about it to Anjali. Kids also leaves for school. Anjali tells Jyoti that Purvi received many jewels as gift during her marriage. She says she is thinking to steal them. Jyoti gets afraid hearing her. Anjali tells her plan to Jyoti.

In school, Teacher realises that Manas have fever and asks Security guard to drop Manas in his house. Juhi asks Manas to tell about his fever to Mama and he will call Doctor. Later, Manas feel bored to play alone. Anjali and Jyoti enters the house in disguised form. Manas sees them and assumes them as thieves and wonders what to do to stop them. He decides to take Purvi’s help and calls her. Manas informs Purvi about thieves and says no one is there in the house except him. He asks her to come to him. Purvi thinks Manas alone can’t handle them and gets worried thinking what if something happens to him. She tells him to do something.

Juhi thinks about Manas and says no one is there in the house to take care of him so she has to go to him. She acts like fainting and tells Teacher that she is also not well. Teacher asks Security guard to drop Juhi also in her house. Manas takes drone and sees thieves in the screen. Manas says to Purvi that thieves searching something in Purvi’s room. Jyoti tells Anjali that she is not able to see anything properly because of the mask. Purvi asks Manas to show their faces.

Episode ends.