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Episode begins with Purvi asks Manas that what thieves doing now. Manas says to Purvi that they are still searching something in her room. Purvi says she wants to see their face. Manas says they are wearing mask so it’s not possible to see the thieves face. On the other hand, Anjali says to Jyoti that they searched everywhere except this one cupboard. She opens the cupboard and steals the jewels. Manas tells Purvi that theives stealing her jewels and says he will stop them and was about to move from there. But Purvi stops him and tells him to not do anything.

Jyoti notices the drone and informs about it to Anjali. Anjali and Jyoti moves towards the drone. Manas says to Purvi that thieves saw the drone and they are moving towards it to catch that and asks what he has to do now. Purvi tells him that thieves should not get the drone. But Anjali catch the drone and seeing that Manas cries. Purvi asks him to not cry. Anjali and Jyoti takes the bag and was about to leave the room but stops hearing Juhi’s scream. Anjali realises that it was Manas who was operating the drone till now. She asks Jyoti to follow her instructions if she wants to escape then.

Manas hears Juhi’s scream and leaves the room. Anjali and Jyoti abducts Juhi. Manas sees that and informs about it to Purvi. He asks her to help him to rescue Juhi. Anjali and Jyoti ties Juhi with chair and leaves from there. Jyoti asks Anjali to give the jewels to her saying she want to wear them. Anjali says they stoled the jewels to sell. Manas’s remote car follows Anjali and Jyoti and it hits them. Anjali and Jyoti tries to escape from it. Anjali drops the bag while running. Jyoti says they should leave before Mama comes and they runs from there. Manas smiles seeing that and informs about it to Purvi.

Purvi tells him to help Juhi. Manas nods at her and runs towards Juhi. He tells everything to Juhi. Juhi asks him to untie her first. He unties her and they goes to their room. Purvi asks Kids to help her to escape from there. She notices the Goons and tells Kids to inform Sudha and Priyu about her. She asks them to not inform anyone else except Sudha and Priyu and disconnects the call. Anjali sees Sudha and Priyu and asks what are they doing there. Sudha says they came to meet the Kids and moves towards the Kids room.

Anjali suspects their intention and follows them without anyone’s knowledge. Juhi calls Purvi. Sudha and Priyu talks to Purvi. Purvi asks them to rescue her. Anjali sees everything and informs about it to Prakashi. Prakashi asks how is that possible. Anjali says she is telling the truth. Prakashi calls Goon and yells at him for his carelessness and tells him to take Purvi to another place. Goon breaks all the laptops.

Episode ends.