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Episode begins with Sudha informs Police inspector that Purvi talked to her and says hideout of the Kidnappers is some old computer factory and it looked like a godown. Police inspector says they were searching clue only which they got it now so they will find Purvi as soon as possible. Goon breaks the laptops and threatens Purvi. Purvi pushes him and runs from there. Prakashi and Anjali leaves for hideout place. Anjali asks Prakashi that what they will do now. Prakashi asks her to stay silent by trusting her. Goon chases Purvi and slaps her. She tries to run from there again but collides with rod and faints.

Police, Sudha, Priyu and Kids reaches one godown and searches Purvi. Constable says they searched everywhere but Purvi is not in that godown. Police inspector asks Sudha to leave with Kids saying they will continue the investigation. But, Kids refuse to leave from there saying they won’t go to house without Purvi. Manas says to Police inspector that they heard train sound while talking to Purvi. They leaves for another godown. Prakashi learns that Police found the place and asks Goon to shift Purvi to another place. Goons takes Purvi to another place. Manas calls Purvi. Purvi hears Manas’s voice and thinks Sudha informed everything to Police and they came to rescue her.

Manas finds Purvi’s note and shows it to Police inspector. Priyu says it’s Purvi’s handwriting only and says Purvi asked them to follow the lentil path. Sudha praises Purvi’s idea. Purvi recalls how she learnt that Goons going to shift her to another place and finds lentil there and wrote note. Police and others follows the path. Prakashi tells Goons that Purvi is such a cunning person and asks them to not repeat their mistake. Goon notices Police and asks Prakashi to leave from there through back door saying he will handle the Police and leaves from there.Goon tries to shoot Police inspector. Police arrests the Goons one by one.

Anjali and Prakashi sees everything.
Anjali says they has leave from there if they want to stay alive then. Prakashi agrees with her and they leaves from there. Goon goes to Purvi and tells her to get up. Police and Purvi’s family comes there. Goon points the gun at Purvi. Police inspector asks him to drop the gun. Kids asks him to leave Purvi. Goon warns them to not approach him if they wants Purvi alive then. He asks Police to drop the guns. Goon tries to escape from there with Purvi. Police inspector asks him to surrender himself.

Virendra comes there and beats the Goons. Kids smiles seeing Virendra. Virendra rescues Purvi from Goon. Police inspector orders Constable to catch the Goon. But Virendra stops him and starts beating the Goon. Police inspector interferes and takes the Goon from there. Kids goes to Purvi and hugs her. Virendra moves towards Purvi and unties her. Purvi cries and hugs him. Manas and Juhi joins them.

Episode ends.