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Episode begins with Purvi takes Mama and Prakashi’s blessings. Prakashi says to Purvi that she is happy that Purvi returned safely. She says to her that Kids didn’t even had food. She says she is glad that Virendra rescued her at right time and tells her to take rest. Purvi says to Virendra that she want to spend time with Sudha and Priyu. Virendra tells her to go and meet them and he moves towards his room. Purvi says to Sudha and Priyu that she want to talk about something important.

On the other hand, Anjali says to Prakashi that Purvi is really lucky and it looks like God also protecting her that’s why she escaped everytime. Prakashi says to her that their time will come. Purvi learns that Sakshi disappeared from NGO and asks Sudha that how is that possible. Sudha says to her that they searched Sakshi everywhere but didn’t find her then they got to know about Purvi’s kidnap so they started searching her. Manas says to Purvi that Virendra brought so many gifts for them and asks her to go with them to their room. Priyu says to Purvi that they can talk later too and tells her to go with Kids.

Virendra waits for Purvi. Kids asks him about their gifts. Virendra gives gift parcel to Manas and Juhi. Kids gets excited seeing the gifts and thanks Virendra. They leaves from there. Virendra tries to talk to Purvi. Purvi says to him that she is not angry on him. He bends in front of her and apologize to her for hurting her. She says to him that his respect is her respect so he need not to do this. He gets emotional hearing her and hugs her. He wonders who would have kidnapped Purvi.

Purvi notices wounds on Anjali and Jyoti’s legs and asks what happened to them. Anjali lies to her saying they fell down. But Purvi suspects them. Virendra asks Police inspector that did the Goons revealed anything. He says to him that Goons tried to kill Purvi so he can’t stay silent and gives an idea to find the truth from Goons. Anjali overhears that and decides to tell about it to Prakashi. Juhi says to Purvi that how much Anjali tortured them.

Police inspector orders Constable to beat the Goons until they dies. Goons says to Police inspector that Prakashi asked them to kidnap Purvi. Police inspector says to Virendra that Goons took Prakashi’s name. Virendra shocks hearing him and yells at Prakashi for trying to kill Purvi. He asks her to say why she did this. Prakashi says to him that he misunderstood her. He cuts all ties with her and tells her to leave the house. And it turns out to be Prakashi’s dream. She says to Anjali that she has to do something before Virendra finds out the truth.

Next day, Prakashi and Anjali goes to temple for puja. Purvi thinks it’s Anjali and Jyoti who tried to steal her jewels and searches Anjali’s room to find evidence against her. She notices masks in the cupboard and informs everything to Virendra. She shows the video to him which was recorded by Manas and asks him to notice the ring in Anjali’s hand.

Episode ends.