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Colors TV show Molkki Rishton Ki Agnipariksha shows how Kumud who is married to Suraj tricked Bhoomi and made her molkki. But on truth being revealed Bhoomi doesn’t want to continue being molkki however she is forced to stay.

In the previous episode Suraj tried to calm down Bhoomi. Bhoomi said she had accepted that Suraj won’t give her place of wife but he had promised to give her respect but how could he keep such big thing hidden from her.
Bhoomi told after knowing all the truth she won’t stay there anymore. She went to her room to get her luggage.

Nirma asked Bhoomi not to leave and listen to Nirma as she is like her elder sister but Bhoomi denied. Nirma ordered Bhoomi that she cannot leave haveli as they have paid price for her. Suraj said there is hole in Kumud’s heart and she had kept condition to get treated only if Suraj agreed to do Molkki.

Kumud said Suraj needs to keep his marriage with Bhoomi and give heir to their family or else she will stop her treatment. In the upcoming episodes we will see Kumud asking Bhoomi why she said Suraj to leave the room. She will also say Bhoomi that her life and everything she does has to be way they want.

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