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Colors show Molkki is all set for a major turning point in their show with Purvi’s kidnap and Sakshi’s re-entry.

Earlier its seen that, Prakashi welcomed Purvi and showed like she is happy with her return. Anjali told Prakashi that it looks like God protecting Purvi that’s why she escaped from them all the time. Purvi learnt that Sakshi disappeared from NGO. Manas and Juhi told Purvi that Virendra brought gifts for them and they took her to Virendra’s room. Virendra gave the gifts to Manas and Juhi. Then he apologized to Purvi for hurting her. She forgave him and he hugged her.

Goons revealed to Police that Prakashi hired them to abduct Purvi. Purvi noticed the wounds on Anjali and Jyoti’s legs and suspected them. Virendra learnt that it’s Prakashi who hired the Goons to kidnap Purvi so he lashed out at her and throw her out of the house, but it came out to be Prakashi’s imagination. Purvi found evidence against Anjali and she revealed everything to Virendra.

In the upcoming episode, Purvi, Virendra and the kids will go to village fair to spend family time. Jyoti will inform about it to Anjali, who is staying in the cell. Anjali will decide to teach lesson to Manas and Juhi. Manas and Juhi will get stuck on the Ferris wheel. Virendra and Purvi will try to save their kids.

Will Virendra find out that Anjali is behind this accident? Will Sakshi return to NGO? What will happen to the kids? Will Anjali’s plan be successful?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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