As we bid goodbye to 2019, we would love to appreciate our handsome villains of rocked the TV world in 2019. 2020 is near, so we have got our list ready! Here is the list!


Rohit Roy :


He plays Vardhan in Star Plus’s Sanjeevani 2. Rohit is a method actor who is very professional and has very charming personality. He with his great acting skills always plays his role to perfection. His personality and looks make him irresistible. He has earned everything on his own and with his own struggle.


Ashish Chowdhary:

Ashish plays MJ in Beyhadh 2. He is handsome and has a smart personality. Fans go aww on his looks. He is a quick learner and has developed in his acting skills over the time from his works. He is very active on Twitter and he treats his Twamily very close. He has well built body and plays the negative role really well.


Ankit Mohan:

With a perfect body and flawless acting skills, Ankit is playing a negative role in Zee TV’s Haivan as Ansh. As they say playing a villain is more difficult than playing the hero but Ankit does it with so much flow.


Sanjay Gaglani:

He plays the role of Prithvi in Kundali Bhagya. Sanjay is pure TV world’s cute villain. His personality is that of a gentleman and always is a treat for eyes to watch. He is a very simple and sweet person who gels in easily with his co-stars. He is a villain that no one can hate!


We believe in having villains is as important as having a hero in a show as then it keeps the show balanced. So this is our way of appreciating our TV world villains. Do share your views on this! Who according to you is your favourite? Keep buzzin!