Harshad Chopda who recently won AVTA award is not just one excellent actor but also a fitness freak. He has a strict fitness regime which he follows no matter what. Harshad follows the ideology of prioritising your things well for each day in your life.

He has amazing 6 packs muscular body which has taken hearts of many girl fans he has. Harshad plans his excersise well. He does regular workout in very different ways. He stretches his legs between two sofas and does summersaults at home. He does yoga at home. He is very experimental with his excersise , he portrays and proves that excersise can be done at home in very simple ways. His experiments always gets added up to his routine. He does excersise in such ways that nobody ever thought of. His excersise includes-Weight lifting, Pull ups, Bar workout, Handstand push ups, Hand stand, Back Summersault , Kickups, Scorpion handstand, Side splits, Back bend, Planche, Push up stand. Though the name sounds very similar to any other regular excersises but the way Harshad practices them is very different and unimaginable.


He influences and motivates his fans to follow this fitness regime by posting all his workout videos on instagram. In all his instagram videos we can observe the sencerity and dedication in which he performs each excersise.

Fans have been missing Harshad on ITV. With all this gyming we hope he achieves his fitness goal and then be back to our tv screens so that we can enjoy his fit body and method acting skills.

We wish all the luck and strength to Harshad. Let us know your views on this. Keep buzzin!

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