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The episode starts with Karthick gets irritate to think about Manohar’s betrayal. He thinks that he never expects this from him. He wishes to perform Sruthi’s marriage with Varun but everything is over now. Is it wrong to dream about his daughter’s marriage? Mallika starts crying thinking about the truth. She never think that Sakthi is working in Karthick’s school. She thinks that all these year they hidden their identity to others to prevent from meeting him. But everything is over now. She thought all her efforts are useless now. Mallika thinks that she advised a lot to Sakthi don’t go to them. Though she working there. Karthick thinks how could Manohar try to cheat him? Even after he treated him like family. He tried to get Varun married to Sruthi by hiding it from all. Mallika thinks that Sakthi promised to her that she won’t meet him again. Daily she used to share everything to her whatever happened in office? Though she hide about Karthick from him. Karthick thinks that he got to know the truth before itself. He feels nervous how to share it to others.

Mallika thinks that she is living for Sakthi. She is holding back her breath only for Sakthi though she lied to her. Why did she done it to her? Finally Sakthi too betrayed her? She is broken thinking about it all. Mallika starts feeling dizzy. She faints down. Karthick gets worry how will he share this to Sruthi? She is dreaming to live with him. Tharun questions Sakthi why is she standing alone? She informs to him that swimming pool is looking good. Sakthi says to him that she is leaving. Tharun says to her that party just begin why did she leaving? Sakthi says to him that she is feeling bore here. He asks her to eat atleast. She says to him that Mallika is waiting for her. Tharun stops her and informs to her, that he never felt like this to anyone the way he feels for Sakthi. He liked the way she take caring of her mother. He loves to being with her. He will be happy is she stays with him. He asks her to live with him life long! He kneels down infront of her. He propses to her.

Sruthi comes there and notices this. She gets angry on them and drops down the gifts. Sakthi questions Tharun what is he doing? Tharun asks to Sakthi will she accept his love? He loves her a lot! Sruthi runs away from there. Sakthi asks him to get up. He gets up disappointed. Karthick reaches to home in anger. He enquires to them where is Sruthi? She informs to him that Sruthi went to attend the birthday function. Karthick narrates to Kadhambari whatever happened in music academy. He says to them that Varun has fear on seeing fire. Varun witnessed his mom died in fire accident so he behave like this from childhood. Karthick says that perhaps Varun behaved like this in birthday function too. He confronted Manohar for this. But he is saying its not a big problem! Rukmani gets angry on him and says to them that He tried to cheat all. How could he hide this from them. Karthick says to them that he can’t able to share this to Sruthi. He don’t know how will Sruthi take this? Srurthi comes there crying. She closes the door. Karthick and Kadhambari knocking the door.

Sakthi says to Tharun that she can’t able to accept his love. She is here to do her mom’s surgery. Tharun assures to her let’s do her surgery. Sakthi questions him Is he expecting her to accept his love in return? He deny it. Sakthi says to him that she misunderstood him. She always thinked him as a good friend. Tharun ask her to think about it once again. Meanwhile Sruthi opens the door and lashes out at them. Sruthi cries infront of them and informs to them everything is over. She shouldn’t go to that birthday function. Karthick appologizes to Sruthi and shares to her about Varun’s state. Sruthi says to them clearly that she don’t care about Varun. She don’t like him at all.

Episode end.