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The episode starts with Tharun is lost in his thoughts. He is thinking about Sakthi. Varun notices him and enquires to him what’s going on where were he lost? Tharun replies to him as nothing. Varun complaints to him that he was seeing him for last few years, but he never saw him in this state yet? Varun says that something is bothering him. Tharun smiles and nods. Varun asks him to share it with him.

Tharun says to him there is a girl. Varun surprise to hear it and thinks Tharun fell in love with a girl. He asks him to share who is it? He informs to Tharun that he will talk with father and fix his marriage with her. Tharun stops Varun and asks him to listen all don’t over imagine anything. Varun feels disappoints when he deny it. Tharun says to him that he saw one girl recently she is different from all other girls. She is beautiful and giving respects to all. In her age she is very caring nature and matured. He was impressed by her. Varun appreciates him and wishes to meet her. Tharun assures to him that he will introduces her soon.

Karthick is feeling headache. Kadhambari brings coffee to him. He enquires to her about the birthday party? She replies to him that everything is going well. Nothing to worry. Kadhambari informs to him that she already talked with Manohar about Sruthi marriage but he didn’t give any answer yet? Karthick replies to her that Manohar should answer it what will he do? Kadhambari informs to
him that Sruthi likes Varun if they delay to take decision then Sruthi will be disappoint with them. Karthick says to her that he is feeling odd near Varun. He will talk with Varun and Manohar personally and invites them for birthday party. Kadhambari advises him to meet the doctor seeing his condition. Karthick agrees to do it.

Tharun is thinking about Sakthi. Sruthi comes there and greets him. Sruthi asks to him why she can’t able to contact him for last two days? He replies to her that he was busy. He is talking with her nicely. She informs to him that her grandma birthday is coming in two days. Tharun feels happy to hear it and wishes to meet her. Sruthi thinks that Tharun is in good mood that’s why talking with her nicely. She asks him to play guitar for her song. He deny it but Sruthi pleads with him. Tharun agrees to play with her. She about to open the topic with him manager comes there to get a sign from Tharun. Sruthi lashes out at him for entering into cabin without permission. She leaves from there angrily. Tharun appologizes to him for her.

Sakthi brings juice to Mallika and asks her to take rest. Mallika asks Sakthi to discharge her soon. She enquires to Sakthi why did she came to home early? She lies to her that she felt strange so. Mallika feels happy to see her care on her. Sakthi goes to meet doctor but shocked to see Karthick there. She hides from his sight and learns that he had head ache. Sakthi sneaks into room and lies to Mallika she didn’t meet doctor. Sakthi notices Karthick standing outside of Mallika’s room

Episode end.