Mouna Ragam
Mouna Ragam

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Vijay TV popular show “Mouna Ragam” launches it’s another season.”Mouna Raagam season 2″ is continuous with a leap of 12 years. This time audience gonna witness the love story of ‘ Sakthi and Sruthi’. Earlier we saw that Sruthi confronted Sakthi. Now we will be see Sheela will hear the conversation between Sruthi and Tharun.

In Today’s episode we see; Sakthi enquires to doctor about her mom’s health. Doctor asks her to do the surgery immediately. He asks her to pay the amount soon. Sakthi asks time to him to pay the amount. Doctor informs to her that she has no time left. Tharun follows Sakthi. Sakthi visits Parvathy and talks with her casually to know about Mural’s whereabouts? Parvathy praises her song. She informs to her that Murali left the home 12 years before. Kadhambari and Rukmani reaches there and notices Sakthi there. They lashes out at her for entering into her house. Sakthi apologies to her for coming there. Rukmani kicks her out of the house. Parvathy scolds Rukmani for her harsh behaviours towards Sakthi. Tharun follows Sakthi and confronts her. Sakthi Lashes out at him for following her and offering help to her. Sakthi asks him to leave her alone! Sruthi witness this all. Kadhambari doubts Sakthi’s intention. She suspects Sakthi and Sathya are same. Sruthi confronts Sakthi.

In upcoming episode we will be see that Sruthi will asks Sakthi to show her mom to her. Sruthi will confess her feelings towards Tharun. Tharun will refuse to accept her love on him. Sruthi will stand adamant to marry him at any cost. He will warn her to stay away from him. Sruthi will challenge him that she will only marry him because she loves him not Varun. Sheela will listen to their conversations and smirks.

What will happen next? Will Sakthi save Mallika? What will happen next? Will Tharun forget Sathya? How will Sathya going to rescue Mallika? Will Manohar win in his challenge?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tune with our page for more updates.