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Vijay tv popular show launches Mouna Raagam season2 with a leap of 12 years. This time audience gonna witness the love story of Sakthi and Sruthi. Earlier its seen that Varun refuses to marry Sruthi. Now it will be seen that Karthick and Mallika are in the same place

In the previous episode its seen that Tharun admits Mallika in the hospital. Tharun helps Sakthi to collect the things from home. Sakthi returns the money to Tharun. Sakthi opens up with Tharun. Sruthi admiring Tharun’s picture. Small misunderstanding between Kadhambari and Sruthi. Tharun excuses Sakthi and leaves from there. Sheela brings the marriage topic to Varun. He refuses to marry. Tharun phones to Sakthi.

In the upcoming episode, its will be seen that Tharun falls head over heels for Sakthi. Tharun and Varun are discussing Sakthi. Kadhambari asks Karthick to meet Manohar and discuss about Sruthi alliance matter. Sruthi meets Tharun and asks him to play guitar for her. He agrees with her. Sruthi lashes out at the manager. Sakthi meets Karthick in hospital and hides from Karthick’s sight. She is trying to hide Mallika from Karthick. Will he see her?

What will happen next? When will Karthick find out Sakthi and Mallika’s whereabouts? The upcoming episode will answer to our all question? Stay tuned to our page for more updates.