Munawar Faruqui is a famous comedian and poet. He left a remarkable stint in the shows Lock Upp and Bigg Boss 17. The reality shows are for Munawar. His real personality makes him a showstopper.

In Bigg Boss 17, Munawar’s personal life is brought into light. He was spotted with a new girl a few days ago. Fans started to guess about the new girl in Munawar’s life. Apart from that, the Munawar fan base is increasing by leaps and bounds. He is doing road shows. The crowd is going crazy for the Bigg Boss 17 winner. 

On every social media platform, Munawar is making a trend. Few days ago, he was spotted at the Bigg Boss 17 success party. The Bigg Boss 17 contenders were spotted together for one last time. Munawar trended after the success party. His chemistry with Mannara Chopra has a separate fan base. Munawar and Mannara trended together under the MuNara hashtag. 

Currently, Munawar is earning love as he visits Kolkata. He is trending under the hashtag  BOUNDLESS LOVE FOR MUNAWAR. 

Munawar updated his social media with his recent pictures from City of Joy, ‘Kolkata’. Fans predict Munawar is shooting music videos. In a white dress, Munawar is looking dapper and fresh. His smile is infectious already. Girls go weak on knees seeing Munawar Faruqui’s swag.

Munawar Faruqui has 12.9 million followers on Instagram and counting. Sharing his Bigg Boss 17 journey Munawar wrote : Roshni se teri waha chand rutha baitha hai maine tujhe maanga jab bhi tut ta hua taara dekha hai @sunanda_ss #munawarfaruqui #sunandasharma #biggboss17 #biggboss”

Fans went ‘aww’ in the comment section. His cult fan base never misses a chance to hype their favorite star.

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