Want to know what actors can expect in 2022? Tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani has some answers.

Yaariyaan actor Himansh Kohli: His Jupiter is a bit weak, so he will benefit only after August 2022. Right now there is work and everything, but the fame is a little less as his Jupiter is a little weak. But from August, things will look bright and better for him. He should do something for Jupiter’s remedy. On Thursdays, he should donate anything with yellow like banana and chana dal. This would be helpful for him. He can also fast and take a haldi bath every day to enhance his Jupiter planet. That will help him to make things more stable in his life in general. He is basically ruled by Jupiter. His Mercury is good. His communicative skills is good and he is people’s person. It would be advisable to look at strengthening Jupiter. For him, the lucky months are March, August and October.

Seetimaar actress Bhumika Chawla: Venus is going to get better this year. Career is smooth, but she will be more content with her spiritual and personal lives. There is some growth for her April onwards in 2022. She can expect some good news around April or May. She can do some remedies to enhance her Venus which is to do with her luxury, fame, beauty, media line and everything. She can fast on Fridays and give anything for donations in white like milk, rice and sugar. She can also donate anything silver on Fridays. She should do Devi darshan as much as she can. She can do the Venus mantra Om shukraye namah. February, July and November are her lucky months. She should be seen more in public domain.

83 actor Sahil Khattar: For him a few issues are there as far as work is concerned. He will have work but to get the contentment of work, even he needs to enhance his Jupiter at the moment. He should definitely fast on Thursdays and he should donate yellow on Thursdays. He should look for projects, especially after April when Jupiter will shift. There is a change of Jupiter around April and that’s the time he will get more benefit. For now, with 83, he will benefit from the film, but not as much as he could. There are some issues for him. For him, January 2022 will be good and April and June too. He has also got the card of the fool, so he will be making some new opportunities which he will use. He is going to take some risks and do something different in 2022. There is a possibility of some kind of reality show also for him. He should keep patience and have absolute faith in the people he works with.

Bollywood Diaries actor Salim Diwan: His Venus and sun are running a little weak, so not really carrying the power. He should give water to sun regularly and he will benefit on the career front. He has been trying a long time for his work, but it is not really moving the way it should. He will see a better time in 2022 from March onwards. He needs to be a little careful of his health. Health could be a bit down. He could either have stomach or back-related issues. He should definitely fast for Jupiter and take haldi bath that will be more favourable to him. April, July and October months are very auspicious for him. If he gets any project or work, it will be again around March or April onwards.

Coco choreographer Rajit Dev: His Mercury is running a bit weak which means he has a lot of opportunities. He is extremely hard working and has been very dedicated to whatever he does. His stars don’t get him the recognition that he should because of certain planets that are not in his favour. The card for this year is the hermit for him which means he needs to introspect before moving ahead in whatever direction he moves ahead personally or professionally. He needs to be cautious about the people around him. He is prone to a little bit of physical injury this year, so he needs to be cautious about his back and knees and in general. For him, April and May onwards is the good time work-wise. He will be in a better position and for him, the lucky months are April, July and October. He should donate something green on Wednesdays like green fruits or dal in any Devi temple which will enhance his work opportunities.