Well known tarot card reader Munisha Khatwani unfolds the mystery of six men about their career and personal life in 2017


Muskaan Mihani – I see her quiet content as far as her personal life is concerned. She is happy in her marriage, with her baby and this personal happiness will continue. Her career will see a slow and steady growth, and it will take time for her to come back fully. So she needs to find a balance between her personal and professional life.

Aishwarya Sakhuja – For her, it is a more positive period on the professional front. I don’t think she will think of a family. So her personal life continues to be stable and her show on Sab will continue to do well. So she will be quiet happy with the success.

Adaa Khan – She has entered a very good period in her career since the last year or so. More than a year, it has been a positive period for her. She continues to see professional success but in her personal life, she will have to first make some strong decisions. She could have a relationship after June or July this year.

Sudeepa Singh – It is a more positive year on the personal front, as she can concentrate and make some decisions as far as a relationship is concerned. Her career will also see some stability but success will take time, it will be an average year for her.

Kratika Sengar Dheer – As far as her professional life is concerned, I see a very successful year for her. It has been the same since more than a year and she continues to be happy on the professional front. Even personally, she is quiet happy and settled. So I don’t see any problem with that. And she can make a baby call maybe after 5-6 months.