Next in Gathbandhan a mysterious woman will enter with a hidden motive.

So far in the episodes, Mai and Dhanak join the hands for Raghu. Raghu gets justice. He thanks Mai for accepting Dhanak her DIL. Mai tells him that she helped Dhanak only for him and she is still her enemy only. Dhanak says she see mother in her but Savitri says a thief and police can’t be together ever.

Raghu gets hurt hearing her and Dhanak cries thinking her happy moments with Mai. Raghu tries to console her. Dhanak says Mai will change one day, as she has seen a mother in her. Dhanak prepares a food for Mai and she gets stomachache eating the food. Dhanak gives her the medicine.

Later, Dhanak and Raghu shares a romantic moment. Dhanak gets a call from commissioner.

In the upcoming episode, Dhanak will tell Raghu that commissioner has called both of them. Raghu will panic and will say they didn’t do anything. Dhanak will also think what if we are in trouble again.

Commissioner will tell Dhanak that she doesn’t know what she is doing half the time. Meanwhile, a mysterious woman will arrive at the police station and will try to get the address of Savitri’s house. The girl will enter the chawl in the veil but seeing Raghu and Dhanak, she will hide herself.

Who is the mysterious girl and why she is hiding from Dhanak and Raghu? What new twists and turns she will bring in the story will be interesting to watch. To know more keep watching Gathbandhan, mon-fri only on Colors TV.

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