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The episode starts with Hariprasad says to Dev that his daughter won’t work here. Dev says to them he can able to understand whatever happened here is wrong. He stares Kanika and signals her to apologise to them. Kanika apologize to them for Dev’s sake and walks away angrily. Kanika’s husband apologize to them behalf of her. Dev asks them to come with them. Dev shares to Hariprasad they shouldn’t have behaved like that to them. He can understand he don’t like that.

But it’s the truth his company has certain rules everyone should respect each and everyone working here. Actually he is treating his staffs like his family members. Hariprasad asks him why did he apologizing to him for their mistakes? He is leaving his daughter here trusting him. He says to Dev that Vidhi working in office for the first time so she may do some mistakes but she can learn everything asap if they teach her what to do?

Dev tells him it’s his office and owner of this company. He assures him that his daughter will be safe here and take her responsibility. Hariprasad is younger then him so he can understand him. He is sending his daughter out to build up her confidence level. He is giving the rights to scold her if she do any mistakes.

Dev assures him that he will take care of it. Definitely he will thank him later. Hariprasad about to leave but Dev stops him and says that he forgot sweets. Hariprasad gives sweets to him and his office staffs. Kanika says to Yogesh that Vidhi insulted her in front of staffs.

Yogesh tells her lets handle her patiently. Kanika shares to him that she is getting a vibe that she will become a head ache to them in future. Yogesh says to her we might handle her patiently so just wait and watch. Meanwhile Dev asks Vidhi to show her certificates. She shows her school certificates to him. He asks her to show her graduation certificates.

Vidhi tells him that she couldn’t write her exam well because she forgets everything when she sits on exam hall. Dev tells her it’s office so nothing to worry about anything. Rishab says to his colleague she is behaving like kid. Vidhi shares to Dev that she used to calculate the accounts in home. She is good at maths. He asks Rishab to take her to account section and reach her everything.

Rishab shows Vidhi’s desk to her. Vidhi shares to him that she doesn’t know to use computer. They mocks at her for it. Vidhi tells him that she will do it in register. Rishab tells her that they will manage it she just wanna send the list to him. Vidhi sits in her place and places her god’s picture there.

Yogesh and Kanika comes there to get everyone attention. Yogesh asks staffs to welcome new staff. They claps for her to welcome her. Kanika gives glue to Rishab. He places it on her chair. Vidhi sits on chair and start her work. Dev comes there to discuss about new meeting to all.

Vidhi tries to get up but she couldn’t. Kanika says to Vidhi that she might respect Dev here. Why did she sitting on chair without giving respect to him. It’s a basic manners to get up when owner comes there. Vidhi shares to him that she can’t able to get up. Staffs members are making fun of her. Dev gives hand to her to get to from there. He pulls her forcely her dress torn.

Vidhi starts crying there. Dev calls Indra there to help her. Vidhi says to Indra that she can’t able to work here. Indra motivates her to work here then only she can able to build het confidence. Meanwhile yogesh and Kanika are provoking Dev against Vidhi. Rishab and his colleagues feels guilty seeing Vidhi there. Kanika demands Vidhi to sign in the agreement she gets shocked to see the salary mentioned in it.

Episode end

Precap; Dev will ask Vidhi to photocopy the legal agreements to her. Vidhi will start copying it. Rishab will turns on the fan to mess her files papers. Dev will rush her up to give the files. Vidhi will give it to him but he ask her whom will copy the legal agreements in red color?

The episode starts with Bimla asks Vidhi to get ready asap to join in her work. Hariprasad says to them he has one condition for it. Vidhi will attend that office only for one month reasoning they will get to know in this one month Whether this work suitable to their family or not?

Bimla says to him she is agree to this. Hariprasad leaves from there. Vidhi asks her mom she doesn’t know what work they will give to her in office? Bimla tells her stop thinking about it all. They will give job to her according to her talent. Meanwhile Dev notices one boy staring a family eating ice cream. He feels pity for that boy and buy an ice cream for him.

Bimla and Seema are helping Vidhi to get ready. Vidhi prays to god. Neighbour comes there and gives sweets to them. Bimla notices her husband dressed up well. He says to Bimla it’s an important day in his daughter life. Our goddess going out to work so he wanna make sure how will she work there? Their relatives comes there making Hariprasad angry. They appreciates Vidhi for joining in work. Hariprasad scolds Bimla for seeing his relatives talking with Vidhi.

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Na Umra Ki Seema Ho 4th August 2022 Written Update: Dev defends Vidhi