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Episode begins with Veer removes Bani’s mask and praises her beauty and says she lost the challenge. She says she is out of the house. He says she is still in her property. She tries to open the gate and he says if he wants he can even pick her.

They reaches their room and Veer shocks seeing Meera in their room and realises what was Bani’s plan. He asks did Meera too hates him like Bani hates him. Bani says Meera won’t answer his question. He calls the Driver and tells him to drop Meera in her house. Meera says she wants to say something and says Veer can’t get anything with force and he is hurting Bani only in this process and he may lose her too permanently if he continues his behaviour and leaves from there.

 He leaves Bani’s hand. She says he listened Meera easily. He says he doesn’t want to hurt her and just want to make her realise that his feelings are genuine. She says she doesn’t has any feelings for him. He says there is a thin line between hate and love and she will understand that soon.


He says she will love him for sure and tells her to give 1 day to him. She tells him to leave her. He says she is standing here, he is not holding her. He pleads her to give 1 day of her life to him. He forwards his hand to her and tells her to hold it if her answer is yes then. She was about to leave from there but he stops her. She says she is not going to love him.

He says she loves him already and says within 24 hours she will confess her love to him. She says he dreams a lot nowadays and leaves from there. Jay meets Bani and says he has some plan and takes her with him. She tells him what Veer told her. He tells his plan to her and explains how she can kill Veer. She agrees with his plan. He thinks she doesn’t know his full plan and smirks.


Veer meets Jay and asks what is his motivation that he is behind Bani. He says within a week Jay wanted to marry Bani so why he took that decision in such a small time. Jay says Veer too fall for Bani within a week and married her forcefully. Veer asks what Jay wants from him so he can leave Bani. Jay says seems like Veer badly wants Bani’s love and he is making deal with others.

Veer says Jay doesn’t loves her because he saw how he tried to push her in the swimming pool and hurted her too. He says he knows that Bani loves him and within 24hours she will confess her love to him. Jay says he won’t meet Bani for next 24 hours. Veer warns him that he won’t leave him if he again tries to touch her. Mayuri tells Shukla that she is tired of Jay’s game plans.


Veer arranges dinner date for Bani. Bani says he can’t impress her with all this. He starts to laugh. She asks why he is laughing when she is talking to him in a serious way. She recalls Sakura reacting the same way and says this time he can’t deceive her and takes Sakura’s name and starts to panic.

He stops hearing Sakura’s name and hugs her to stop her panic. He assures her that Sakura is not here and apologize to him saying she faced lot in his absence but now he won’t let anything happen to her. He asks how she get to know that he was imposter. She says she didn’t saw her ring. He praises her saying he impressed with her.

Next day, Shukla gives the parcel to Bani which Jay told him to give it to her. Jay calls her and says that they can communicate with each other easily now and tells her to wear that earrings and he has the ring with him.


Veer notices her earring and says he will bring new earring for her. She says she will wear this for sure because he doesn’t like this. He says he wants to take her with him to the forest. Jay tells Bani to go with Veer.

 Veer takes her to the different place which shocks Jay. Jay tells Bani to bring Veer to him and he is ready with his plan. Veer confesses his love to Bani and says he is going to tell his truth to her because he doesn’t want to start their relationship with lie. He change into eagle form in front of her. Jay shocks knowing this.

Veer says he won’t hurt her and says she can ask whatever she wants to. She asks why he brought her here. He says this place is special for him because here only first time he turned into eagle form. She thinks she didn’t thought he will reveal his truth to her like this. Jay tells Mayuri to send Shukla to Bani. Veer says he revealed his biggest secret to her and she is not even reacting. He says in this place only he used to practice to fly and one day while practicing he heard blast sound and saved two kids. Bani realises that he is talking about her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Bani tries to kill Veer. Veer shocks seeing two Bani in front of him.