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Episode begins with Jay asks Meera to take drink but she refuses him. Bani tells Veer to concentrate on others not only on Jay because he is not danger for her. Jay announces couple dance performance. Bani asks Veer to dance with him and tells him to not misunderstood her. He says why she is asking him to dance with her because while dancing she can get close to everyone and smell them to identify the danger. And they starts to dance and Bani starts to smell everyone one by one. Jay wonders what Bani doing then realises that her plan.

While dancing Bani ends up with Jay. Veer gets angry seeing that. Jay takes Bani from there. Veer wanted to follow them but turns around to see his mother and gets relieved seeing her with Ponky. Veer searches Bani. Bani asks what Jay doing when she is trying find the source of her sudden burning. Jay says today only half moon is visible and today she will be weak and he can’t put her in any danger and takes her from there. Veer asks about his mother and Ponky.

 Ritu says she saw his mother going with Meera. Jay makes her sit and goes from there saying he will make arrangement to help her. While going he signals to someone. That animal moves towards Bani and her body starts to burn again. Bani wonders who is this. That animal takes its human form. Bani shocks seeing Veer’s mother there. Veer asks Meera about his mother. Meera says she was also searching her only.


Bani asks who is she and she doesn’t seems like a snake or eagle and looking weird. Maarkat says she is Bani’s enemy and says till now she is confident that none of the snake and eagle can kill her but she was wrong because now she can kill her and she will do it. Bani and Maarkat fights with each other. Veer comes there and his mother takes normal human form and acts like a victim in front of him.

Bani shocks seeing that. Veer hugs his mother and takes her from there. Jay asks Bani what happened. Bani says she doesn’t know about Veer’s mother truth. Jay says she has to kill Maarkat and Veer because he betrayed her. Jay recalls how he asked Maarkat that why he doesn’t have powers like her.

She says he has to win Veer to get his powers and she can kill Bani. Veer recalls the incident and asks what Bani was doing with his mother. She says she was protecting herself from his mother who is Maarkat. He laughs at her and asks how that weak person can hurt her.

 He denies to believe her and asks who wants to kill her by joining hands with his mother. She says Jay wants to kill her. He shocks hearing her. Bani says his mother is her enemy and Jay is with her so she has to kill Maarkat and asks will he supporting her in this fight. She asks will he also betray her like others or he will support her.


Jay gets dream of Bani getting close to him. Next day Jay was talking with Bani and Veer sees them together and accuses her for cheating him. He says  first she blamed his mother and Jay now she is planning with Jay against him. Maarkat hears everything from upstairs. Veer says he believes his mother and not Bani and locks her inside the glass box using magic.

He warns Jay to not leave the house and says he has to stay in front of him always. Bani tells Veer to release her but he ignores her. Meera tries to save Bani but she could not able to do anything. Taapish takes Meera from there. Meera scolds him. He tells her to trust Veer saying he trusts him. She denies to listen him.


Bani says Veer can’t lock her like this. Jay says he will save Bani but Daksh and Ponky holds him. Veer tells him to save himself first. Bani tells Veer that his mother laughing at her. He goes to his mother and she changes her face expression. Veer’s mother says he should not behave like this with Bani and says she is here with him because of Bani only.

Daksh and Ponky locks Jay inside the room. Daksh gives medicine to Veer. Veer tells his mother to take rest. She goes inside washroom and curses Veer and enters Jay’s room in snake form. She tells Jay that they has to take Bani from here to kill her. Bani escapes from Veer’s cage. Veer tells everyone to search Bani. Veer shocks seeing Bani inside the cage and asks how she is here when he saw her outside.


Episode ends.


Precap – Maarkat reveals Bani that Jay also her son.