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The episode begins with Shukla says he doesn’t know about the imposter and Bani leaves from there. Mayuri asks Shukla that how Bani trapped them. Shukla says if Bani reached Sakura then she will get to know everything. Bani releases that red stone and tells it to find the original owner. Red stone was moving while following it she slips and misses it.

Sakura comes there and traps Bani. She asks what is he doing. He says he knows what is he doing and leaves from there telling her to enjoy there alone. She prays to God to help her. Sakura meets Jay. Jay scolds him saying in 1day Veer going to die and still his job didn’t come. He asks about Bani. Sakura says she can’t escape from his trap. Bani escapes from Sakura’s trap with the help of that red stone. Sakura tells Jay to stop blaming him for everything. Jay says Bani already suspecting him.

Bani reaches that place and tries to see with whom imposter talking. She shocks seeing Veer there and realises that Veer only sent the imposter to his house. She notices that her ring is missing in Veer’s hand and realises that he is also not Veer then where is the original Veer. Bani leaves from there with confusion. Sakura asks why Jay turned into Veer. Jay says he have his own reason.

Bani tells everything to Jay and she saw the imposter with Veer. She says that Veer is also not original Veer. He says she has soft corner for him that’s why she is not coming to him leaving Veer. She says he is her friend but he should not forget who she is. She says she knows to take her revenge and she doesn’t needs anyone’s help for that because she is Aadi naagin and leaves from there.

Jay gets angry and says how dare she to tell him to stay in his limits. He says he doesn’t have much time because Bani already knows the truth of imposter and he has to save Mayuri and Shukla too. Jay meets Sakura and says his all of the plan spoiled already because Bani knows everything. Jay says in 1day Veer will die before that he has to trap Bani somehow.

Bani notices imposter talking with Jay but she doesn’t sees his face. She follows him to see his face but Sakura tricks her and sends Jay from there. She tells imposter that she knows his truth and about his owner too. Sakura says he doesn’t have any owner. Bani meets Meera and tells her everything and says she end up with confusion only now. Meera asks how she is sure that whom she saw was not original Veer.

Bani tells her to just believe her now and she has to find about the imposter’s owner first. Meera asks her question again. Bani says why Meera asking that question again and again and tells her everything from her ring to Veer’s belief. She shows that red stone to her and tells her to keep it safely with her. Meera says if this stone saved Bani’s life then she should keep it with her.

Bani says if needs that stone then she will call it and right now she has to save that stone from others. Bani enters her room, Sakura makes her unconscious and searches that red stone in her bag. Jay waits for Bani and tells Mayuri to leave from there. Shukla calls Jay and inform that Sakura and Bani is missing in Veer’s room. Mayuri tells Jay to use Sakura’s key now.

Jay says Sakura was blackmailing him so he gave that key to him. He asks where Sakura would have take Bani. Mayuri says only Sakura knows. Bani regains consciousness and shocks seeing her in bridal attire. She gets confused and doesn’t remembers anything and wonders where is she now. She tries to leave from there but Sakura blocks her saying she can’t escape from him. She asks how dare he to bring her here.

He says she is here to marry him. She says she can’t marry him because she is already a married woman. He says but she hates her husband and reveals his name to her. Meera locks her parents inside the room to save them from Mayuri and Shukla. Shukla and Mayuri search for Bani there. Meera says Bani didn’t come here. Jay waits outside to get news about Bani. Meera says she just knows about that imposter nothing else.

Mayuri and Shukla leaves from Bani’s house. Meera takes that red stone from cupboard and tells that stone to save Bani saying she is in danger now. Red stone moves from there. Shukla notices the red stone and follows it. Bani tries to turn into snake form but fails to do. He says she lost all her powers temporarily because of black magic and tonight he is going to marry her so tomorrow she can do whatever she wants to do. Bani says she won’t marry him and he can’t force her. He says he is not forcing her, he just loves her. She says it’s not love. He says she has to do what he tells her to do. He says in 30minutes Veer going to die so marrying him is better choice for her.

Episode ends.

Precap – Sakura and Veer fights with each other.