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The episode begins with Veer informs Taapish about his suspicion on Bani being a snake and says he is trying to catch her. Bani thinks to find the real culprit of Teer. Veer was watching Bani on CCTV camera and sees she is falling into his trap or not.

Shukla comes there and Veer tells him about his suspicion of Bani being a snake and leaves from there. Shukla gets worried thinking Veer should not know about Bani’s truth and if he gets to know that then he will remember his past too and it will become difficult to control him. He feels helpless. Veer goes towards the trap he prepared for Bani.

 Bani changes into a snake and was about to attack the eagles and seeing all these Shukla gets worried saying it should not happen. Mayuri gains her conscious and meets Veer. Bani realizes that these eagles are not original but it’s a trap and prays to Shiv Ji to control her anger. Veer sees Bani didn’t affect by his trap thinks if she is a normal human being then who is the snake.

Shukla gets relived because Bani got saved. Mayuri wonders why Jay makes her unconscious and searches him. Jay comes into Veer’s trap and changes into a snake seeing the eagles. Veer sees Jay in snake form and tells him to show his real face and follows him.


Bani reaches the place where Teer’s coffin is there and wonders why Veer suspecting her and put a trap for her. She opens the coffin to know the truth of Teer’s death. Jay attacks one human to get his bike from him. Veer sees who killed that human using his strength and shocks seeing Jay’s face in that human’s eyes.

Bani gets to know that Teer died because someone attacked him from behind not because of her. She sees one knife there and realizes some eagle only killed Teer and it could be from that family only. Jay reaches his house. Mayuri asks Jay why he came to Veer’s house.

They fight with each other. Jay says he already once bit her so don’t instigate him. Jay wins the fight and asks Mayuri to behave like a servant to him. He catches Shukla who was watching them hiding there. Mayuri tells him to leave Shukla saying he is also part of their team.

Jay warns them to follow his orders saying he is the powerful one. He says Veer saw his snake form and tells them to notice Veer’s next moves. Veer calls everyone from his family. Bani comes from outside and seeing her Veer says he won’t ask from where she is coming. Balwant asks why he called everyone here now.

Veer informs everyone that Jay is alive and he is a snake also. He tells Bani that he won’t leave Jay now and she leaves from there silently. Balwant asks how Veer get to know about all these. Veer says about how Daksh smelled snake smell in the engagement party and that snake only would have attacked Ponky too.

Mayuri thinks she has to inform Jay as soon as possible that Veer gets to know his truth. Balwant shouts saying how in the hell snake entered their house. Monky says Bani was about to marry Jay so she too knows about him. Veer says he will handle that.

Mayuri thinks about how to inform everything to Jay when she doesn’t have her mobile with her now. Bani calls Jay to inform that Veer knows about his truth but he cuts her call. Jay thinks about how to separate Veer and Bani.

 Veer asks Bani that still she believes Jay and is she thinks he is innocent. Bani says she still believes him. Shukla tells Balwant that they need to increase security. Mayuri was about to go to her room but Pawan asks where she is going when Veer asked them to stay in the hall only. She said she just wants to go to her room but Balwant stops her saying no need to go there just stay in the hall.

Veer tells Bani to not take Jay’s name in this house. He says she killed his brother thinking he killed Jay but her ex-lover is alive. He asks does she still meets Jay. She says she doesn’t wanna talk about Jay. He warns her to not take Jay’s name in front of him again.

Bani says Veer just can talk a lot but can’t do anything. He tells her to stop doing whatever she is doing with him now. She says she won’t listen him. He pleads her to listen him and says she should listen him because it’s his house and she is his wife. She shocks hearing him and says now he is using husband and wife card.

He says it’s not like that in fact he doesn’t wanna say anything. He takes her mobile and breaks it so she could not warn Jay. Jay plans to lie to Bani to trap her and gets angry because she and Mayuri not attending his calls. Bani asks why Veer broke her mobile. He says now she can’t contact Jay to warn him and she can’t leave from this room too because he increased the security.

He says she is right that their relationship reached next level because now he feels good whenever she calls him as Veer and leaves from there after locking her inside. She gets worried thinking she can’t leave from there using her snake form too.

Veer gets to know about Jay’s truth



Episode ends.


Precap – Veer tells Jay that he can’t forget what he did with Teer so his punishment is death and pushes him towards the cliff.