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Vijay TV fame “Naam Iruvar Namak Iruvar season 2” never fails to entertain its audience with it’s interesting plot. Earlier we saw that Muthuraj neared Aishu. Now we will be see that Fortune teller will meet Nachiyar

In Today’s episode we see; Aishu confronts Muthuraj. She questions him what’s bothering him? Why is he trying to take revenge on her? Muthuraj shares to her that everyone used to insult him as good for nothing fellow. He dislikes it. They stopped his marriage twice he married to her to torture her. Muthuraj raise the volume on music and starts beating her. Kathi and Mayan feels something fishy. He asks Mayan to check what’s going on there? Mayan hesitate to go reasoning Aishu will misunderstand him. Kathi says to him that her safety is important to them then these thoughts.

Saranya understand and that Nachiyar can’t able to sleep in high volume. She wishes to scold them. Nachiyar stops her by saying they are doing it intentionally to torture them. Nachiyar gives all freedom to Saranya to choose her life. Kathi and Mayan hesitate to knock on door. They wishes to confront them later. Vadivu notices Aishu’s has bruises on her hand. She lashes out at Muthuraj for beating her. She asks Aishu to hide this matter from everyone.

In the upcoming episode we will be see that Saranya will notices the Fortune teller in her house. She will enquire her why is she here? She will offer money to her. Fortune teller will refuses to get money from her. She will says to Saranya that she will never tell fortune for money. She is here to meet her mom. Saranya will refuses to call her mother. Fortune teller will call her In mind. Nachiyar will come there.

What will happen next? What will Fortune teller will share to Nachiyar? What will happen next? How will Aishu escape from Muthuraj’s trap?
Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more updates.