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The episode starts with Pinky goes near Nalini and says she is back to home leaving her soul with Arjun. Nalini looks on. Pinky goes to Ram and asks him about his health and informs him that she corrected her mistake signing the Divorce papers. Ram gets shocked and asks is it true.

Pinky says your place in my heart is greater than god but you never noticed it, you sent me to Kanpur and called me to Delhi after 8 years and u thought you will hug me but didn’t, now I broke my marriage with Arjun for you, make me your daughter. Ram stays silent. Pinky gives him medicines and leaves.

Pinky smiles seeing her room saying I always go and return to this room but this time I won’t go to any where from this place.And she cries badly.

At night Pinky sees Arjun roaming on the lawn and goes to him. Pinky says our happiness is ended, and my dad will get another alliance after some days, can I request you something. Arjun asks what. Pinky asks him to express his heart feelings for her once saying it’s her final wish.

Arjun stays silent. Pinky about to leave than Arjun stops holding her hand and expresses how much he loves her and says he can’t stay with her in life. Pinky stops him saying let me live in my Dreamworld, I can’t face the reality. Arjun says let’s live in dreams and asks can he hug her. Pinky hugs him.

Both lost in their moments and enjoys each other company. Arjun says don’t know whether we get another chance to spend time so tell me something to remind our time. Pinky makes him smile with her questions. Arjun to makes her smile.

The next day Parul sees Arjun with Pinky on the bench and asks what’s happening. Arjun says nothing. Parul says than let’s pack our things. Pinky asks Packing. Parul says they gonna shift to Chennai after their marriage. Pinky gets shocked. Parul takes Arjun with her. Pinky walks sadly. Antara says Bhabi you did mistake breaking Pinky marriage, can you live happily seeing her broken state. Pinky asks Antara to do one work for her.

Antara gives chit to Parul in that one Pinky wrote don’t feel bad Parul ji, I’m just sending food to make Nandu ok. Antara leaves. Nandu goes to her room. Parul says she doesn’t like frequent visits of Antara and Pinky. Arjun says it’s a matter of few days. Parul says let’s marry tomorrow itself.

Arjun gets shocked. Parul asks do you want to avoid me because until now you didn’t sign in those papers. Arjun brings papers to sign but stops and he leaves with papers to Ram. Arjun says to Ram that he will sign in the divorce papers if he gives support to Pinky for becoming a standup comedian.

Ram agrees for Arjun condition than Arjun signs the divorce papers Infront of him in tears and handovers papers to Ram and says very soon he is going from this city, you can find many guys for Pinky but I can’t found someone like her and I’m not a bad person like you think and I left Pinky for you so take care of her and when he about to leave Pinky stops him saying so you left, for this reason, you guys are dealing with each other but you never asks which things is important for my happiness and there is one condition from the side too that’s I will make Arjun and Parul marriage than you will get your daughter and Arjun will be relieved from our relation. Can you guys agree on my condition? Ram agrees.