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Episode starts with Revati says she heards Arjun conversation with her Mom and how Nalini took promise from Arjun to stay away from you and I did many mistakes and even your Mom is doing is same and we try to control our kids life but we make them fail in life, I realized my mistake, hope your mom realize it to and forgive me if its possible and god bless you. Pinky cries badly.

Once Revati leaves Pinky goes to Antara and says she got to know everything and Mom is not happy with my love , everything happened Infront of my eyes but I didn’t get it, I thought Mom will understand my feelings but she didn’t, why ? Antara takes her inside to Nalini. Antara asks Bhabhi why you didn’t think about Pinky happiness. Nalini says what to do? You guys don’t have any care for Ram, Pinky cares for her love, Arjun is better than her atleast he respects us more than you.

Pinky says forgive me, I forgot that we have to think for ourselves and now i understand that Dad and you’re not happy with my love and happiness and now onwards I won’t cause any problems to you because I’m leaving Arjun and my happiness for you and leaves. Antara mocks Nalini for making Pinky sad.

Parul asks Arjun to have food. Arjun denies.Parul holds him says don’t worry because I’m with you. Arjun asks what are you doing. Parul says I’m trying to make your mood better and our marriage is next month so please think from my position than you will know how I’m feeling, I need you full not half.

Arjun says sorry but half Arjun will die once Pinky leaves from here because I can’t live. Parul hugs him saying she won’t let it happen. Pinky sees them and calls Parul and asks her permission to talk with Arjun alone. Parul denies but Arjun asks her to leave. Parul leaves asking Arjun to don’t forget that she is doing everything for him.

Arjun asks what happened. Pinky in tears says I got to know everything why you want to break our relation and even my Mom betrayed me like your mom did to you and she never thinks about what I needed and betray my trust. Arjun makes her sit on the chair and tries to keep his hand on her but stops than he makes her smile with his questions.

Pinky says one side is Mom and otherside is you and I must fulfill both of your wishes and she signs the divorce papers while reminiscing her moments with Arjun. Arjun gets tears. Pinky gives Divorce papers to Arjun and smiles. Arjun asks why are you laughing. Pinky says whenever I’m tensed I get laughing and today I’m giving you freedom from our relation and goes to Nandu’s room and explains to her that her Dad needs her like Arjun needs her so she must go to go her place and I’m going to stay beside you.

Parul asks Nandu to don’t get upset. Arjun asks Nandu to allow Pinky to leave from their place. Nandu hugs Pinky saying once I lost mom and don’t want to loose her again. Arjun says places Nandu. Nandu goes with Pinky to hall.

Antara asks you’re feeling bad right. Nandu nods yes. Antara says I’m feeling bad too, so please pray to God then you will get her. Nandu happily agrees and goes to pray the god. Pinky leaves with Antara in tears. Arjun looks sad.