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Episode starts with Bhairavi and others takes blessings of Aditya. Veerabhadram asks Krishna to start the process of last rites. Krishna cries saying how can he take his son to cremation. Veerabhadram consoles him and makes him hold the corpse bed. Kaushalya and other ladies cries when gents takes Aditya body for cremation.

Ladies consoles Kaushalya and goes to their places. Annapurna asks Kaushalya to console herself. Malli about to console them but Jalaja stops her and blames Malli is the reason for their problems. Annapurna asks why she is creating issue at this tough time. Jalaja says I’m asking to escape from this bad luck Malli and she is the reason that Kaushalya lost her husband and she asks Malli to leave from home.

Malli thinks she can’t leave Bhairavi and her family members at this tough time. Jalaja says we have mylu for 10 days so leave. Malli says even I have mylu if you have it. Jalaja says you’re noone to us than how can you have mylu. Malli sats this family supported me at tough times so I have to share your happy and sad moments too. Jalaja says did you saw Mom what’s she talking? Tomorrow she may asks for property share too. Annapurna says stop it Jalaja, don’t involve in Malli matter and she asks Malli to take Kaushalya inside. Jalaja says keep it with you, one day you will know the truth. Annapurna says let it happen and she goes inside with Malli and Kaushalya.

Everyone takes Aditya body to Cremation place. Bujji performs last rites to Aditya body by litting the pyre. Arjun consoles Bujji. Krishnam Naidu breaksdown at cremation place. Everyone leaves to home.

Kaushalya, Bhairavi and everyone cries near Aditya photo. Kaushalya remembers the past incident where Aditya likes to see her in Sindoor. Bhairavi remembers how Aditya promised her to never leave her. Annapurna remembers how Aditya used to tease her and how he promised to stay with her. Malli feels bad seeing everyone’s state. Bujji reaches to home and calls his Mom but she cries more seeing him. Bujji hugs her in tears. Kaushalya asks if he came after sending his Dad. Bujji cries badly. Annapurna says console yourself Kaushalya, noone can change the fate.

Kaushalya says I used to feel lucky to get good person like your Grandson as my husband but I didn’t expected that he will change my Luck as badluck leaving me. Jalaja says you guys celebrated when snake put Kumkum to your face. Annapurna asks why she is talking heartlessly. Jalaja says she is saying truth , if Snake put Kumkum that doesn’t mean that person is Saubhagyavati. Bhairavi shouts at her.