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Episode starts with Garuda reaches Vishwambari place. Vishwambari asks what happened, why are you shouting. Garuda says today your dream going to get fulfilled because Arjun is entering temple to get Nagmani with strong Sankalpam so he may get Nagmani so follow him it’s easy for you to enter the temple. Vishwambari notices with her powers how You asked Arjun to get Nagmani for his mom’s health, she feels happy and praises Garuda for getting her happy news and she says she will get Talapatras from temple to fulfill her long lasting dream. Phanidra says you won’t get successful in your attempts. Vishwambari says you’re strucked in my trap so dont talk rubbish because I’m going to get Talapatras for sure and she leaves to temple with Garuda. Malli says Bava, we have to stop her otherwise she will ruin the world. Phanidra says true we have to stop her by entering the temple. Malli says how can they stop her.

Arjun reaches to temple and meets Yogi Shivudu. Vishwambari notices everything. Yogi Shivudu asks why you came here at this time. Arjun says my Mom life is in danger and I came here to save her but it’s tough for me to do it that’s why I need your blessings, Arjun holds Yogi Shivudu feet. Yogi Shivudu says you’re asking for Saranu so I will help you if I can so tell me what’s your work and how I have to help you. Arjun says he is going to enter temple for Nagmani. Yogi Shivudu says it’s impossible to get that Nagmani. Arjun says I can achieve it with your blessings and Im ready to give my life to save my mother so help me because noone can help me except you. Yogi says you’re doing this to save your mother that’s why I’m helping you but entering temple means you’re going near your death so leave from here.

Arjun says he can happily give his life for his Mom. Vishwambari feels happy. Yogi says I get it that your Sankalpam won’t get changed with my advice, many snakes will attack you while entering the temple and it’s tough for you to escape from them than Yogi Shivudu gives Mantra dandam as protection to Arjun and tells him that snakes won’t harm you when you have it so don’t lose it and bring Suryamani and Chandramani along with Nagmani. Arjun agrees. Yogi Shivudu asks Arjun to pray Lord Shiva and NagRaj before entering the temple and he leaves after placing Vibuti to Arjun forehead.

Arjun prays to lord Shiva and NagRaj than he about to step in stairs but Bhairavi stops him and says I will go along with you and tells him that she is ready to do anything for him. Arjun and Bhairavi goes upstairs. Vishwambari thinks Bhairavi is helping Arjun so they can enter temple easily and I will follow them to get Talapatras and she goes behind them.

Malli and Phanidra prays Lordshiva to release them from Bandanam and they continuosly chants Shiva mantra but nothing will happen than Phanidra and Malli decides to kill themselves and asks Lordshiva to accept their life’s and they hurt themselves. Lordshiva power breaks the Garuda Bandam. Phanidra and Malli feels happy, Malli asks Phanidra to stop the Vishwambari attempt.