Next in Sony TV popular show Yeh Un Dino ki Baat Hai, which is best known for showcasing 90’s will focus on- what Naina and Sameer will do after Sameer’s mamaji will part ways in business.

Show in Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai is gearing up for high voltage drama after Sameer and Naina will decide to start a business of their own.

As, reported earlier Naina and Sameer with the help of Vishakha and Bela realizes that they both are at fault decides to forget everything and restart. Bela made Naina understands that in a relation both have to mutually balance the things. Fights happen between husband and wife but they should solve the matter, leaving house is not a solution. There Vishakha made Sameer to understand the same thing. Naina after hearing Bella decides to go back to Sameer. On a way back to Sameer’s house Naina met with an accident. Sameer rushes to see Naina. He went to her room caresses her head and tells her that from now he will not fight with her and will always keep her happy. Naina gets happy hearing him and both shared a hug.

Naina returned back to Sameer’s house. Vishakha welcomes them. Everyone was happy but suddenly Sameer’s mamaji interrupted claiming that he has spent a lot of money in Sameer’s wedding and now he wants his money back. He also suggested Sameer to sell his shares to him.

In the upcoming episodes Sameer will get sad thinking how in little money he will keep Naina happy. Naina will support Sameer and both will decide to open the business of their own. Both will come up with new business ideas for startup and as per the sources Sameer and Naina will start a Boutique.

From the sources: Sameer and Naina will start their Boutique and to grow their business it is also heard that Sameer will do AD for their company.

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