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The episode starts with Kathi questions Mayan why is he staring outside often? He informs to him that Aishu didn’t reach home yet! Kathi asks him to enquire her? Mayan shares to him that she won’t reply to him. She turns her face away whenever he questions her. Doesn’t he know what happened morning? Kathi alerts him that Aishu may angry on them for beating Muthuraj. Mayan gives an idea to Kathi. Both pretends like drank and gets ready to questions Aishu. Aishu reaches there. Aishu notices them sitting infront of varanda. Mayan questions her why is she late? Aishu says to him don’t create problem with her. Mayan says to her that he drank to talk with her openly not to create problem. Mayan asks Aishu to sit with him.

Mayan questions Aishu will she react like this if Rajarathinam stops her? She says to him don’t compare himself with her dad. Mayan mentions to her that dad is not alive now. If he is alive there is no problems. He asks Mayan to take care of family members too. He don’t like them firstly but he understood his value after he started thinking from his position. She can judge him as a rowdy, goon, spoiler brat? But he wants to be a good brother to them. In every house last kid is favourite to all.

Aishu is like that to him! In begining he hated her acts but he started like them now a days. He got responsibility now! He says to her that Aishu is his sister none can’t deny it. He praises her beauty. He advises to her that he wants to be happy. Mayan says to her that Muthuraj is a spoiler brat. Don’t marry him. Aishu questions him who informed to him about her marriage? Mayan says to her that it will end up in marriage. Muthuraj is criminal he smartly brainwashing him. If he says like this to Saranya she will kill him. But Aishu is innocent that’s why he is taking adavantage of her innocence!

Kathi asks her to leave the talk whether Muthuraj is good or bad? Apart from this all why don’t she think about Nachiyar? Whom trusting her a lot. Mayan asks Aishu to think who stopped her marriage? Neither Mayan nor Kathi stopped it. God stopped it. She is a intelligent girl so she can think in her own. Mayan says to Aishu that whatever happen to him he will never stop supporting Aishu. He is trying in all way to stop this marriage, reasoning he wants to see Aishu leading a happy life.

Mayan asks her to think about it. Eat food on time. Aishu leaves from there. Kathi questions Mayan why is he crying? He says to him that he may pretended like drunk but his words are true. Nachiyar questions Maha why didn’t she go to office? Maha asks Nachiyar to be careful. Nachiyar assures to Maha that she will take care of Aishu. Nothing will go wrong here. Nachiyar shares to her that Gayathri cheated her but Aishu don’t. Maha says to Nachiyar that Mayan saying it strongly that’s why.

Aishu comes there dressed up like bride. Nachiyar questions her why is she dressed up like this? Aishu informs to Nachiyar that her friend Ragini marriage. She is going to attend it. Maha gets doubt seeing her strange behaviours. Maha keeps questioning her but she manages with her reply. Aishu gets blessing from Nachiyar and Rajarathinam. She leaves from there. Maha gets doubt on her. Muthuraj is waiting for Aishu in temple. She reaches there. His friends praises her beauty. Aishu informs to Muthuraj that Nachiyar is trusting her a lot. She asks Muthuraj to think about it once again. Muthuraj says to her it’s the correct decision.

Aishu says to Muthuraj that she is here because her family is reason for his state. He helped them to get back their property. Muthuraj sends Aishu from there. Muthuraj calls to Mayan and informs to him that he is in in Malai Temple now. He is going to marry today! Aishu is bride. He sends photo to him.

Episode end.