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The episode starts with Muthuraj informs to Mayan that he is going to marry Aishu. He sends photo to Mayan. He is teasing Mayan’s situation. He adds that he don’t wish to inform anyone but he can’t able to hide this from him. Muthuraj asks Mayan to bring the whole family to temple. Muthuraj smirks at Aishu. Servant drops down the glass down. Mayan asks Nachiyar to accompany him. He questions her where is Aishu? Nachiyar asks him to stop bothering her.

Mayan says to her that Aishu is going to marry Muthuraj. Nachiyar didn’t believes his words. She says to him that she trust her daughter. Mayan informs to her that Muthuraj himself informed him about it. He challenged him if he has dare then stop this marriage. Nachiyar didn’t give heed to him. Mayan says to her that same thing happened in Gayathri’s matter. He played a drama inorder to stop Gayathri marrying him. Doen’t she stopped her marriage one time? Mayan pleads with her to spend 10 minutes for him.

Nachiyar says to Mayan that she won’t believe his words. Mayan assures to her that she can do anything with him, if he lies. Nachiyar stands adamant that Aishu won’t go against her. She will never break the trust. Mayan questions Nachiyar doesn’t she know Muthuraj is a spoiler brat? He questions her further where were she? Nachiyar informs to him that she went to marriage. Mayan says to her that today is Aishu’s marriage. Nachiyar says that Aishu won’t marry him going against her words. If she wanna marry him then she will get permission from her first. Mayan pleads with her to believes him. Nachiyar dials to her number but it’s turned switched off. Mayan assures to Nachiyar that he will leave this house if he is wrong. Nachiyar agrees to go with him to prove Aishu is not wrong.

Mayan is taking Nachiyar to temple. Maha is searching something in office. Saranya asks Maha to accompany her to bank. Maha refuses to go with him. Mayan calls her and informs to her that Muthuraj is going to marry Aishu. Maha deny to him. Mayan informs to Maha that Nachiyar is also going with him. Saranya scolds him for torturing them like that and disconnect the call. Mayan dials again. Saranya argues with Maha over it.

Maha asks Saranya to check one time. If Mayan is lie then they can put a full stop for his doubt. Maha adds that Nachiyar is going with him. Maha convinces Saranya. Mayan again calls her but Maha warns him that she will lashes out at him if he lie. Nachiyar says to Mayan that she still doubt him. Mayan pleads with her and takes her in. Marriage rituals are going on one side. When they reaches there another one jodi marriage happened there. Nachiyar cries seeing it. Muthuraj smirks seeing Mayan’s state.

Nachiyar lashes out at Mayan for creating fake stories. Saranya and Maha reaches there. Nachiyar complaints that Mayan is giving tough time to him. He already ruined Gayathri’s life. Now he is trying to ruin Aishu’s life too. Saranya and Maha reaches there. Saranya questions her what happened? Nachiyar complaints to her that Mayan is looking down on their characters for money. Maha lashes out at him for lying. Mayan says to her that Muthuraj informed to him like that.

Muthuraj again calls Mayan and informs to him that he is going to marry now. Priest scolds Muthuraj for talking in mobile. Mayan runs from there. Saranya and Maha follows him. Muthuraj ties the knot with Aishu before they reach there. Everyone gets shock to see them as married couple.

Episode end.